International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

A10. The Jackson Laboratory Mapping Panels: Managing the Mouse Radiation Hybrid Panel Data Explosion

Rowe LB, Barter ME, Johanson J, Grant K, Naggert J, Eppig JT
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA

We are collating all the mouse T31 Radiation Hybrid (RH) data from different sources into a single public database. As of July 2000 the database contained about 3500 distinct microsatellite anchor markers typed by several independent laboratories, about 7000 expressed sequence tag (EST) loci mapped in three international genome centers, and about 350 other individual loci of interest (see We anticipate that by November there may be another 6000-8000 ESTs added to our RH mapping database. About 200 different laboratories have contributed T31 data to this effort.

In order to maximize the level of confidence for the mouse RH map, we are building the framework map of known-order anchor markers between the T31 RH panel and The Jackson Laboratory backcross panels. This highly detailed recombination-based map from a 188 animal interspecific backcross has been in use by the community for the past seven years for mapping loci. The complete raw data and maps from this cross are available in a public database from our Web site ( There are now nearly 5000 loci of all kinds in this data set, which provide a detailed map of proven locus order. The frameworking project has resulted in the correction of some genomic regions that were intially misordered in the RH data, and provides a high density of cross-links between the recombination and radiation hybrid maps that facilitate accurate consensus map construction. Our program supports both of these mapping methodologies and serves the scientific community by providing mapping reagents, technical support, and publicly accessible databases and maps. We also have a Web-based RH data mapping server that provides detailed analysis of submitted T31 RH data with a rapid turn-around time. Data privacy or coding are available for all database contributors.

The Jackson Laboratory Mapping Panels

[The Jackson Laboratory Backcross DNA Panel Mapping Resource and The Jackson Laboratory Mouse Radiation Hybrid Database]

Lucy Rowe, Mary Barter, Jennifer Johanson, Kristy Grant and Janan Eppig
The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1500 USA
telephone 207 288-6219, telefax 207 288-6072

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