International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

A11. A New Wavy Hair Mutation is Mapped Close to Carucul (Ca) Mutation and Krt2 Cluster on Mouse Chromosome 15

Yoshiaki Kikkawa1, Choji Taya1, Rie Ishii1, 2 and Hiromichi Yonekawa1
1The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, 3-18-22 Hon-komagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8613, Japan; 2RIKEN Gemome Science Center, 214 Maeda-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 244-0804, Japan

A new mouse mutation, calacul Rinshoken (CaRin), arose in the transgenesis with human a-galactosidase cDNA. This mutation is autosomal dominant and exhibits waved coat hair and whiskers from the time of first appearance until about 4 weeks of age, and then the waves of coat hair and whiskers disappear, but the hair has a plush-like look. We mapped this mutation close to a classical wavy coat mutation, calacul (Ca), on Chromosome (Chr) 15, which shows similar phenotype with our mutant. We have constructed a genetic linkage map across the mutation in the intersubspecific backcross, [B6 x (B6-Ca/- x MSM)F1] (n=321). In the backcross, CaRin was mapped to 12.5 cM distal of D15Mit14 and D15Mit77, and 2.5 cM proximal of D15Mit40 and ketatin gene complex-2, basic (Krt2). Additionally, we have screened a YAC clone included D15Mit40 and Krt2, and then STS-markers were isolated from this clone. Linkage analyses by those STS-markers confirmed that the CaRin locus extends 800kb of this YAC clone. Krt2 genes are localized in this region on Chr 15 as a large cluster. Eight expressed keratin genes were identified within the region moated on Chr 13 by a radiation hybrid (RH) panel. These results suggest that keratin genes are strong candidates for the wavy coat mutation.

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