International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

C10. Database System to Support the Whole Work in a Large-Scale Mouse Mutagenesis Program in RIKEN GSC

Hiroshi Masuya1, Tomohiro Suzuki1, Hiroyuki Iwama2, Maki Inoue1, Osamu Minowa1, Hideaki Toki1, Jun Ishii3, Yuji Nakai4, Yuichiro Kida5, Norio Niinaya5, Shigeharu Wakana1, Tetsuo Noda1, Yoichi Gondo2 and Toshihiko Shiroishi1
1Mouse Functional Genomics Research Group, RIKEN GSC Maeda-cho 214, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
2Infomatics Research Group, RIKEN GSC
3Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd.
4Japan Business Development Inc.
5Spoc Inc.

The execution plan of a large-scale mouse mutagenesis program in RIKEN GSC involves the early- and late-onset phenotype screen. In the early onset screen, 100 to 200 mice will be screened every week by behavioral test based on the modified-SHIRPA protocol, blood test (clinical biochemical and hemogram), PTZ-induced seizure, locomotor activity and other assays. In the late-onset screen, every week 50 to 100 mice aged up to 15 months will be subjected to behavioral tests, i.e. openfield for assaying anxiety and passive avoidance test for learning and memory. At the end of the late-onset screen, all aged mice will be dissected to see the tumor incidence.

In order to manage the whole project, we have developed a client/server architecture database system that covers mouse breeding protocol, mutagenesis procedure, phenotype screen and the management of screening data and the bioresources generated from the project. Client computers are connected to database server through local area network. The newly developed terminal-oriented software enables direct and easy input of the data on the work front of the breeding or screening of mice. The data from analyzers such as blood test machine will be recorded to the database server automatically. Researchers are able to retrieve the breeding data and screening results by the developed software for data search. We are planing to expand this system to apply to mapping of mutant phenotypes, statistical analysis of the data from each screening and finally publication to web site.

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