International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

C5. The Mouse Phenome Project

Molly Bogue, Janan Eppig, and Ken Paigen.
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine. USA

The Mouse Phenome Project has been launched. The primary goal is to facilitate an extensive characterization of widely used inbred strains of mice and to make this information publicly available. The idea of this project was raised at a workshop at The Jackson Laboratory in May, 1999 attended by 36 scientists representing 17 research institutions and corporations. This information is urgently needed because the mouse is the organism of choice for many studies in biology and medicine and also because reliable phenotypic data is essential for the full the utility of the vast amount of genomic information expected to emerge from the Mouse Genome Project. The Mouse Phenome Project is an international collaboration headed by an eleven-member Steering Committee, representing five countries in both the academic and corporate sectors. It has been recommended by workshop members and approved by the Steering Committee that selected inbred strains be methodically phenotyped under standardized conditions and validated protocols so that measurements between data sets can be reliably compared. A public, web-accessible database is being developed to manage these data and to provide researchers with a tool for exploring both primary data and comparative summary analyses. The Mouse Phenome Project will help accelerate research by enabling investigators to identify appropriate strains for 1) physiological testing, 2) drug discovery, 3) toxicology studies, 4) disease onset and susceptibility, 5) new models of human disease, 6) QTL analyses and identification of new genes, and 7) unraveling the influence of environment on genotype.

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