International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

D18. An Integrated System for Expression Profiling of the Mouse

Martin Hofmann, Director, LION Bioscience AG

Expression profiling using microarrays has become a premier route to study the regulation of gene expression in the mouse. Unfortunately, this technology is restricted by the limited availability and quality of suitable non-redundant cDNA-clone collections.

Existing collections are usually heterogeneous in their use of vector systems and insert size distribution. Furthermore, these collections have to be re-sequenced due to the high degree of false clone-sequence correlations in public EST-projects.

The need for non-redundant clone collections derived from tissues that are under-represented in EST sequencing projects (e.g. bone tissue) has led to the construction of our own high quality mouse cDNA-collection. A novel cloning strategy was developed in order to generate optimized probes for microarray applications in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility. cDNA redundancy was eliminated by high throughput normalization hybridizations. This fast approach can be applied to various tissues and organisms without prior knowledge of the genomic sequence.

Extensive annotations of each clone based on SRS-data integration technology are available online in a concise feature report. This report comprises all relevant information concerning a specific probe and the corresponding gene.

We introduce to the mouse research community a first, non-redundant set of 10,000 individual murine cDNA fragments ("arrayTAG") together with the dedicated annotation database ("arrayBASE").

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