International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

F10. Analysis of Expression Profiles in Anti-Cancer Drug Sensitive and Resistant Breast Cancer Cells using Mouse Full-Length 20K cDNA Micriarray

Yohei Hamaguchi1, Takashi Ishikawa1, Tomoyuki Morita1, Masako Kamiyama1, Itaru Nishizuka1, Shinji Takahashi1, Yasushi Ichikawa1, Chikara Kunisaki1, Shinji Togo1, Yasushi Okazaki2, Yoshihide Hayashizaki2, and Hiroshi Shimada1
1Dept. of Surgery II, Yokohama city university school of medicine, Japan
2The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center, Japan

We have established RIKEN full-length cDNA microarray containing 20K set of unique mouse genes. Using this microarray system, we examined to identify the target genes and the genetic pathways which could contribute to acquire the resistance against the exposure to an anti-cancer drug, etoposide in breast cancer cell lines of mice. The comparison of the expression profiles between FM3A cells and the etoposide-resistant Fvp^rB350 cells treated with etoposide or paclitaxel reveals that a large number of genes including apoptosis-related genes and other unknown genes were differentially expressed. The analysis of the gene expression relative to drug resistance may lead to the discovery of novel targets for cancer treatments.

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