International Mammalian Genome Society

The 14th International Mouse Genome Conference (2000)

I14. Otx2 and Craniofacial Development

S. Aizawa1,2, T. Hide1, C. Kimura1 and I. Matsuo1
1Department of Morphogenesis, Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics, Kumamoto University
2Vertebrate Body Plan Group, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

Cephalic neural crest cells play essential roles in craniofacial development. Otx2 is a gene that plays central roles in head development and is also expressed in the cephalic neural crest cells. We have previously reported Otx2 heterozygotes exhibit a variety of craniofacial defects in C57BL/6 background, but not in CBA background (Genes Dev. 9, 2646-, 1995). Here we report (1) cis-regulatory elements that are identified by making transgenic embryos with LacZ gene as a reporter (Deve, 124, 3929, 1997), (2) components of cranial nerves and skeltons that are regulated by Otx2 and their implication in vertebrate body plan, (3) mapping of a modifier gene that is responsible for the difference of the Otx2 phenotype between C57BL/6 and CBA backgrounds.

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