International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Dr Judith Blake
The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor 04609 USA

Co-Authors:  Hill DP, Richardson JE, Drabkin HJ, Kadin JA, Ringwald M, Eppig JE, Bult CJ
Institution:   Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory

The Gene Ontology (GO) project ( provides structured, defined vocabularies that can be used to describe molecular function, biological process and cellular components in all species. The GO vocabularies are used by Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) information system to represent molecular information for genes and gene products in the mouse. MGI supports an integrated, public, database resource focused on the genetics and genomics of the laboratory mouse and incorporates both the Mouse Genome Database and the Gene Expression Database. The MGI annotation process for incorporating GO terms relies on both computational and experimental approaches.  Scientific curators at MGI work in collaboration with scientists from other groups such as SWISS-PROT/InterPro and the other model organism databases to standardize the representation of knowledge about genes. Experimental evidence and citations are incorporated into the annotation process. Groups participating in the GO Consortium submit GO-annotated datasets to a central resource which supports queries across species. I will discuss both the development of the GO vocabularies and the quality control of the annotation process for mouse data. I will also discuss how GO annotations for sequences can help in exploring and enhancing function annotations for new gene models.  GO is supported by NHGRI: HG02273. MGD is supported by NHGRI:HG00330. GXD is supported by HD33745.

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