International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Mr Marc Botcherby
UK-HGMP-Resource Centre
Hinxton Genome Campus
Cambridge CB10 1SB UK

Co-Authors:  2)Vithana E, 1)Elgar G, 2)Bhattacharya S
Institution:   1) UK HGMP Resource Centre,  2)Dept Molecular Medicine, Institute of Ophtalmology

The Fugu rubripes genomic sequence syntenic to the FGF2 region (Human 4q26) has been sequenced and compared to the mouse strain 129 and human draft sequences.

The Fugu sequence syntenic to PKCA (Human 17q22-23.2) has been sequenced and compared to the mouse strain C57Bl/6 whole genome shotgun and human draft.

The regions were found to contain three further previously characterised genes.

Comparative sequence analysis has revealed very strong evidence for the presence of three further novel genes.

Detailed three-was comparison of the human, mouse and Fugu sequencewill be shown and the known genes analysed in detail.  Predicted regulatory elements will be highlighted.

Evidence for the prediction of novel genes will be discussed.

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