International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Mr Dirck Bradt
Data Curator
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor ME 04609 USA

Co-Authors: Bult CJ, Blake JA, Kadin JA, Richardson JE, Eppig JT, Mouse Genome Informatics Staff
Institutions: The Jackson Laboratory

The Mouse Genome Informatics Web site at The Jackson Laboratory provides access to primary data about the laboratory mouse.  Among many important aspects of this information are the mouse genome mapping data and mammalian comparative mapping data in The Mouse Genome Database (MGD).

Mouse mapping data in MGD includes curated reports of primary research data from scientific publications. Genetic linkage maps can be generated and graphically displayed. Maps can be customized to contain subsets of mouse genetic markers and to display homologs of the mammalian species for which MGD contains comparative mapping information.

MGD currently provides a curated data set of comparative mapping information of mammalian species, predominantly mouse, human, and rat. The availability of the genomic sequence for human and mouse (and soon, rat) has shifted the emphasis of data curation from literature-derived to curator analyzed electronic-derived data. MGD has developed a set of criteria that support the assertions of homology. In addition to providing homology data with supporting evidence, MGD provides graphical tools to view genome-wide comparative mapping data.  Oxford grid displays graphically show chromosome-to-chromosome comparisons indicating the species-specific distribution of homologous genes. MGD also provides chromosomal comparative maps (for mouse vs other mammals), as well as genome-wide comparative maps for mouse vs human or rat.

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