International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Dr Tim Hubbard
Sanger Centre
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton Cambridgeshire CB10 1SA.

I will discuss the current state of human and mouse sequence analysis as provided by the Ensembl project and by gene structure curation efforts at the Sanger Centre. The Ensembl project ( is an established system for automatic annotation of genomic sequence data. It provides both a portable, open-source software system and a full analysis of current human and mouse sequence data. Automatic annotation is essential in order to be able to handle the current flood of data rapidly. However, in order to generate "gold standard" annotation additional curation and experimental investigation is required. Efforts in Sanger have already annotated 10% of the human genome in this way and the results are both submitted to the EMBL sequence database and made available via Ensembl. I will also discuss work to extend analysis beyond gene structures to promotors (

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