International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Dr Nicholas Leaves
MRC - HGMP Resource Centre
The Hinxton Genome Campus
CB10 1SB

Co-Authors: 1)Botcherby MRM, 3)Denny P, 5)Hummerich H, 4)Cross S, 4)van Heyningen V, 4)Gautier P, 1)Greystrong J, 1)Greenham L, 1)Jones S, 1)Manjunath S, 1)Russell E, 1)Strachan G, 1)North P, 1)Boal E, 1)Cobley V, 1)Hunter G, 1)Kimberley C, 1)Cave-Berry L, 2)Mathews L, 2)Simms S, 2)Gregory S, 2)Evans R,           2)Hubbard T, 2)Durbin R, 3)Cadman M, 3)McKeone R, 3)Sellick C, 3)Strivens M, 3)Mallon AM, 5)Iravani M, 4)White S, 6)Little P, 4)Jackson I, 2)Rogers J, 1)Campbell RD, 3)Brown SDM
Institutions: 1) MRC UK-HGMP Resource Centre, 2) Sanger Centre, 3) MRC UK Mouse Genome Centre and Mammalian Genetics Unit, 4) MRC Human Genetics Unit, Western General Hospital, 5) Imperial College, Exhibition Road, 6) School of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, University of New South Wales

The UK Mouse Sequencing Consortium began in October 1999 with the aim of obtaining 50 Mb of genomic sequence from four targetted loci (  These mouse loci, which are the subject of intensive investigation, are:  the WAGR-homologous region on chromosome 2, the brown deletion complex on chromosome 4, the del(13)Svea36H locus and the dmd-Ar locus on chromosome X. The collaboration complements existing ENU mutagenesis programmes. In obtaining the finished genomic sequence we aim to discover novel genes and other features and also greatly improve the efficiency of both mutation scanning and the discovery of which genes underly specific mutations. In addition to these projects we invite proposals for up to 10% of our sequencing capacity.

Harwell, HGU and Imperial College have nearly completed the construction of sequencing contigs from the chosen RPCI23 C57BL/6J BAC library.  Sequencing of the clones is being done at HGMP-RC and the Sanger Centre.  The MRC Mouse Consortium is working with the Ensembl project ( to provide initial automatic annotation of its sequence. The Ensembl trace repository, which provides access to the results of the International Mouse Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun data, is also being used by the consortium.  All significant (>2kb) sequence contigs are immediately made public ( An update of sequencing progress will be presented.

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