International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Mrs. Ayako Oka
National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Yata 1111, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
Mishima 411-8540

Co-Authors: 1)Takagi N., 2)Toshimori K., 3)Mita A., 3)Mizusina Y., 3)Sakurai N., 3)Shiroishi T.
Institutions: 1)Res. Cent. For Mol. Genet. And Grad. Schl. Of Env. Earth Sci. Hokkaido Univ. 2)Dep. of Anat. and Cell Biol., Miyazaki Medical College 3)National Institute of Genetics, Lab. of Mammalian Genetics

We are constructing a series of consomic strains that substitute each chromosome of MSM strain, which is derived from Japanese wild mouse, Mus musuculus molossinus, for the chromosomes of a laboratory strain C57BL/6J, which mainly originated from European subspecies, Mus musculus domesticus. During generation of the X-chromosome consomic strain, B6.MSM-Chr X, we noticed lowered fertility of the males. This defect became more emphasized with the progress of the backcross generations. It seems to attribute to disturbance of coordination between the X-chromosome of MSM and the other chromosomes from B6. The consomic males, which failed the fertilization or development from 1 to 2-cell embryo in vivo, show morphological abnormalities in their anterior heads of spermatozoa and low motilities of the sperms. Moreover, their testes have reduced weights and different degree of abnormalities. To identify X-chromosomal gene(s) responsible for the abnormalities in spermatozoa and the reduced testicular weights, quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis was carried out based on the progeny of the backcross generations N5, N6 and N7. We found two significant QTLs, strong one at a central region and modest one at a distal region on the X-chromosome, which may control the morphological abnormalities of the spermatozoa. Another QTL for the reduced testis weight was detected at a distal region on the X-chromosome.

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