International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)

POSTER 143 - Pathbase: a new Community database for images of the histopathology of transgenic mice

Paul Schofield
Dept. of Anatomy
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Co-Authors: 1) Andrew Ward, 2) Jonathan Bard+ and the Pathbase Consortium.
Institutions: 1)School of Biological Sciences, University of† Bath, 2)Department of Biomedical Sciences

The primary aim of the Pathbase project is to generate a searchable database of histopathological images from transgenic mice on the WWW. The key areas from which data will be collected are transgenic and knockout rodents with effects on cell proliferation and cancer. The second major aim is the generation of an online teaching/reference resource for rodent and general pathology.

Pathbase has put together a consortium of pathologists and veterinarians to set up and run the database. A key achievement to date has been the generation of controlled vocabularies covering the whole of histopathology and tissue anatomy. It is however a Community resource and is designed to accept user data submissions directly through web interfaces rather than being a highly curated database like others currently available.

The database is accessible through with free registration. A separate URL will be assigned later this year. Researchers are able to upload their own images onto the database, using a browser based console, with keywords, descriptions, comments, and cross-references to other databases and the literature. Advice may be given on these submissions from a team of Pathologists, members of the project, which may be of assistance to the originator. In addition, feedback forms are† provided so that other users can add comments to particular images and diagnoses. This provides a great deal of potentially invaluable interactivity with the database, which many researchers will welcome.

Pathbase is funded under the European Commissionís Fifth framework programme (QLRI-1999-00320)

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