International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Dr. Chang-Woo Song
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
P.O. Box 107, Yusong

Co-Authors: 1)Kyu-Hyuk Cho, 1)Jae-Woo Cho, 1)Kozaburo Esaki, 1)Sung-Don Yang, 1)Jae-Kwon Yu, 1)Philsoo Lee, 1)Sang-Seop Han, 1)Seong Hoe Park, 3)Sungjoo Kim Yoon, 4)Daesoo Kim, 4)Min-Jae Lee, and 4)Hee-Sup Shin
Institutions: 1)Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 2)Seoul National University College of Medicine, 3)Catholic Research Institutes of Medical Sciences, 4)Korea. Korea Institute of Science and Technology

A consortium has been formed to carry out an ENU mouse mutagenesis project in Korea. Mutagenesis and breeding is carried out at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT). The consortium also includes an immunopathology lab, a genomics lab, and a neurogenetics lab. We have chosen BALB/c as the strain where mutations will be induced. Since 1999, 41 males (G0) have been injected with ENU, 2X100mg/Kg body weight. The injected mice were mated with 359 normal BALB/c females, from 6 to 12 females per male. The average litter size was 3.9, and 731 G1 mice were obtained. Of these, 602 mice were successfully weaned. Eighty four healthy G1 males were chosen and mated to 329 normal BALB/c females to produce 2,572 G2 mice. Among these, 645 G2 females were backcrossed to corresponding parental G1 males, and 6,260 G3 mice have been obtained from these. So far 6 dominant mutations  and 14 recessive mutations from the G3 phenodeviants have been established. The spectrum of mutant phenotypes includes: short face, tremor, wiggling, head tossing, coiled tail, leg-weakness, small body size, microgenia, and cataract. Currently, we are carrying out further screening using the SHIRPA protocol, immunological screening using FACS analysis, screening for cardiac phenotypes, and various behavioral screening with emphasis on emotion-related phenotypes.

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