International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Tim Wiltshire
3115 Merryfield Row
San Diego CA 92121 USA

Co-Authors: 1)Walker J, 1)Hakak Y, 1)Su A, 1)Ching K, 1)Hogenesch J, 1)Cooke P, 1)Schultz P, 2)Patapoutian A, 2)Moqrich A

Institutions: 1)GNF, 2)The Scripps Research Institute

The recent description of the human genome is the first in a series of milestones to be joined in the future by comprehensive descriptions of the transcriptome and the proteome. Here we report results from an analysis of a significant portion of the transcriptome and its integration with genomic sequence data. We used high-density oligonucleotide arrays to interrogate the mRNA expression of 8882 human and 6139 mouse genes in a diverse set of tissues, cell lines, organs, and pathological samples. A total of 46 human and 45 mouse tissues were analyzed initially, resulting in more than 2,500,000 independent measurements of gene expression. Three strategies were chosen to validate data; RT-PCR, Northern blot analyses and in-situ hybridization. These data have been curated and will be made publicly available with annotation gathered from the public domain.

This extensive set of transcript profiles, representing a significant portion of the mammalian transcriptome makes it possible to address a number of fundamental questions in transcription and adds to our understanding of global transcriptional control, physiological and molecular gene function, transcriptional regulation of functional pathways and co-regulated genes, and disease etiology. We also performed comparative analyses between mouse and human expression patterns of ortholog gene pairs. These data indicate good concordance between mouse and human gene expression but also highlights differences between tissues.

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