International Mammalian Genome Society

The 15th International Mouse Genome Conference (2001)


Shaying Zhao
The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR)
9712 Medical Center Drive
Rockville MD 20850 USA

Co-Authors: Shetty J, Shatsman S, Ayodeji B, Geer K, Tsegaye G, Krol M, Gebregeorgis E, Shvartsbeyn A, Russell D, Overton L, Jiang L, Dimitrov G, Tran K, Malek J, Feldblyum T, Nierman W, Fraser CM
Institutions: The Institute for Genomic Research

A large scale BAC end sequencing project at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) has generated one of the most extensive set of sequence markers for the mouse genome to date. With a sequencing success rate of over 80%, an average read length of 485 bp and an average Q20 bases of 406 bp, we have generated 449,234 mouse BAC end sequences (mBESs) from 257,318 clones from libraries RPCI-23 and RPCI-24, representing 15X clone coverage, 7% sequence coverage, and a marker every 7 kb across the genome. A total of 191,916 BACs have sequences from both ends providing 12X genome coverage. ABI3700 sequencers and the sample tracking system ensure that over 95% of mBESs are associated with the right clone identifiers. The annotation results of mBESs for the contents of repeats, human and mouse genomic sequences, ESTs and STSs indicate that this resource will be valuable to many research fields.

Besides the mouse, a large scale BAC end sequencing project has started for the rat at TIGR, where the goal of the project is to generate paired-ends from 200,000 rat BAC clones in one year. We have generated more than 60,000 sequences from library CHORI-230.

These mouse, rat BAC end sequences along with the BAC end sequences from primates including human, chimpanzee, baboon rhesus macaque and lemur have been mapped to the human genome to compare three versions of the human genome assemblies (GoldenPath, NCBI and Celera) and to study the genome evolution.

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