International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


S. Perincheri
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Lemaster A, Spear BT
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

The alpha-fetoprotein regulator-1 (afr1) gene determines postnatal levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and H19 mRNA in mice. This gene is mutated in BALB/cJ mice, resulting in 10-15 times higher AFP and H19 levels in adult mice compared to other strains. The Afr1 differences are seen only in the adult liver; H19 and AFP mRNA levels in the fetal liver are the same in BALB/cJ and other mouse strains.  Furthermore, H19 and AFP in the adult gut and H19 levels in adult muscle do not show strain-specific differences.  We have used transgenic mice to show that the 250 base pair AFP promoter is the target of Afr1.  We previously mapped Afr1 to a region between microsatellite markers D15MIT232 and D15MIT121 on mouse chromosome 15.  We have extended these mapping studies to generate a higher resolution map of the afr1 locus. C3H X BALB/cJ F1 mice and DBA X BALB/cJ mice were backcrossed to the BALB/cJ strain. The F2 mice were then analyzed by PCR for recombination between markers D15MIT232 and D15MIT121. Over 600 F2 animals were analyzed. These mice were genotyped by PCR using primers for polymorphic microsatellite markers between D15MIT232 and D15MIT121. The afr1 phenotype of the F2 progeny was determined by northern analysis of hepatic H19 mRNA levels in three week old progeny. This high resolution mapping has allowed us to identify several interesting candidate genes; these genes are currently being analyzed.

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