International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


A Blake
Medical Research Council Mammalian Genetics Unit

Greenaway S, Simon M, Mallon AM, Nolan P, Green E, Hancock JM
Medical Research Council Mammalian Genetics Unit

The MRC at Harwell is engaged in an extensive mutagenesis programme that aims to generate mouse stocks with a high coverage of the mouse genome for post-genomic analysis. For this resource to be made accessible to the wider community we have developed software solutions to maximise the researcher’s ability to find strains of interest.The latest of these, implemented within the Mutabase system developed at Harwell, allows phenotypic data to be captured at the point of generation and incorporates a powerful search engine. The search engine uses web-based technologies to make available a high-level phenotype ontology, developed in collaboration with the Jackson Laboratory, combined with a specific keyword search to facilitate the identification of a mouse of interest. The software also includes an ordering system to assist in the smooth transition from identification to appropriation of the mouse line. To allow researchers to be notified immediately when the programme has generated mice with a phenotype of interest, a module underlying the mouse husbandry system automatically triggers an email to be sent when a new mouse is added.We also provide access to the Harwell mutant stock list, containing all the live and archived mutants on site, searchable by gene, allele and anomaly. This, combined with the International Mouse Strain Resource, which allows searching for mutants at multiple sites through the one system, provides a powerful tool for the identification and acquisition of mouse strains with phenotypes relevant to a wide variety of research interests.

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