International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


C McKerlie
Centre for Modeling Human Disease

2) Ayearst R, 1) Cao SA, 1) Fleming C, 2) Huang A, 1) Newbigging S, 1) Wood G, and the CMHD
1) Centre for Modeling Human Disease, 2) Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository

Objectives: The goal of the Centre for Modeling Human Disease (CMHD) is to use genome-wide N-Ethyl-N-nitros urea (ENU) mutagenesis in mice to functionally annotate the mouse genome. The objectives of the Pathology Core within the CMHD are two-fold: (1) to identify mutant phenotypes that have not been detected during in-life screening, and (2) to better characterize mutant phenotypes that have been discovered in the CMHD’s in-life screening cores. The Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository (CMMR) works in partnership with the CMHD to recover and archive the expansive germ cell and tissue resources generated by the CMHD.Methods: The Pathology Core (PC) of the CMHD provides detailed gross- and histopathological, immunohistochemical, morphometric, and slide-based screens as essential components of the CMHD’s dominant screen genome-wide mutagenesis program. We have developed a high throughput facility for morphology and tissue-slide based assays of mutagenized mice. Important considerations in high throughput screening of our ENU mutants include sample identification and tracking, expert interpretation of bona fide phenotype in mouse tissue, and reproducibility and consistency of specimen collection. The pathology and phenotype of mutants discovered in the PC, and heritable mutants discovered in the CMHD will be presented and discussed.The CMMR collects and maintains the physical and digital archive of the CMHD that consists of germ cells, frozen tissue, formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue, and glass-slide sections.Conclusions: Comprehensive and targeted pathology screens, multiple tissue archiving, and pathogenomic data management and distribution are essential components of the Pathology Core’s contribution to the CMHD/CMMR’s mutagenesis initiative

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