International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)

Oral Presentation

Monday 18 November

15:45 - 16:00 HRS


R. Conlon
Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland

Co-Authors: Qian Z, Sa X, LePage DF
Institutions: Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland

The assignment of functions to genes can be facilitated by chromosomes with deletions or inversions. Deletions serve as a tool to uncover the function and interaction of genes directly, and indirectly through mapping and screening strategies. Inversions balancing genomic regions facilitate screens and the maintenance of mutations. Currently, the coverage of the mouse genome with engineered chromosomes is limited. A program to create deletions covering chromosome 2 and to create a balancer chromosome 2 is underway in our lab. These chromosomes are being used to uncover the functions of chromosome 2 genes in early development. The genes and mechanisms of preimplantation development, implantation and early post-implantation development are largely unknown, due in part to lack of conservation of these processes in organisms used as research models. Our characterization of gene function will focus on these critical stages. Deletions and inversions were made by combinations of gene targeting, random insertion of vectors, and Cre-catalyzed site-specific recombination. Engineered regions are marked by incorporation of coat color markers and fluorescent protein gene expression cassettes. Deletions have been created, mapped and introduced into mice. Phenotypic characterization of the deletions is underway. Current progress will reported.

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