International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


LG Ahmerova
Institute of Cytology & Genetics

Osadchuk AV
Siberian Banch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Our aim was to explore variability of heritable pattern of the Leydig cell responsiveness (LCR) during the postnatal development. For this purpose a diallel analysis of hCG-, cAMP- and pregnenolone-stimulated testosterone production by Leydig cells during the postnatal development was performed in males of four inbred mouse strains (BALB/c, PT, CBA/Lac and A/He) and their F1 reciprocal hybrids. These strains were chosen as most contrasting in the adult LCR. The cAMP- and substrate-dependent testosterone production in vitro was analyzed on days 20, 35, 60 and 100 of the postnatal life, which are the critical periods in the Leydig cell development. Testosterone content in the incubation medium was determined by RIA. Based on two-way ANOVA we demonstrated highly significant interaction between genotype and age effects. The genotype effect was characterized by two specific features. First, the coordinated genetic variability in the cAMP- and substrate-dependent LCR was observed in each postnatal stage examined. Second, the coordinated genetic variability was subjected to substantial developmental changes. In particular, adult heritable pattern in the LCR was mainly formed at the late pubertal - early postpubertal stage (60th day after birth). It is suggested that this feature resulted from the completion of the morphological differentiation and formation of the adult population of Leydig cells. In conclusion, the postnatal development of the Leydig cell hormonal activity is under coordinated genetic control and the LCR heritable pattern changes during the postnatal development. (The work was supported by the grant RFBR 01-04-49523)

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