International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


J Christiansen
Mouse Atlas Group, MRC Human Genetics Unit

Armit C, Venkataraman S, Stark M, Waterhouse A, Houghton D, Burton N, Yang Y, Hill B, Feng G, Rao J, Sharpe J, Stevenson P, Baldock R, Davidson D

The Edinburgh Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE), is a public database of spatially mapped gene expression data in the developing mouse embryo that has been developed by the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP). EMAGE expression data is housed in a standard framework: the EMAP Digital Atlas of Mouse Development, which consists of representative 3D digital embryo models for various Theiler stages of development with defined anatomical regions linked to a standardised nomenclature for these structures.EMAGE expression data is mapped both spatially (to corresponding regions within the embryo models) and textually (to the anatomical nomenclature).  Section data is transferred to corresponding virtual sections that have been chosen within the embryo models. Whole mount data imaged in 3D by OPT (Science 296: 541-545) is transferred in 3D into the embryo models. Whole mount data imaged by photography is transferred in 2D as domains projected onto the 'surface' of an embryo model. Searching EMAGE data is performed spatially using a 'point and click' method or by text queries.The EMAGE interface and data mapping software can be obtained from the EMAGE website ( and used as stand alone in-lab data management tools. The same software is used to prepare electronic submissions to the EMAGE central database by researchers. Alternatively, submissions can be made by sending specimens (for digitising) or data images directly to the EMAGE Editorial Office for data entry. Dedicated EMAGE Editors are available for help and advice with the submission process and all other aspects of the database.

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