International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


D Goldowitz
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

2) Rinchik E, 2) Johnson D, 3) Goss K, 1) Hamre K, 4) Matthews D, 4) Ferkin M, 4) Mittleman G, 5) Montine T, 1) Jablonsky M, 1) Williams R, 2) Snoddy J, 2) Miller D
1) University Tennessee Health Science Center, 2) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 3) University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 4) University of Memphis, 5) University of Washington

The Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium (TMGC) has undertaken a phenotype-driven, regional, ENU-based mutagenesis of the mouse genome to detect dominant and recessive mutations that affect neurological function and structure. The chromosomes that are targeted are 15, 19, 10, 7, 14 and X, representing about 15% of the mouse genome. Our screens assess sensori-motor function (prepulse inhibition, tail suspension, exploratory activity, hotplate, olfaction), learning and memory using conditioned fear and Y-maze, qualitative and quantitative analysis of CNS structure using 10 high throughput histological procedures, social behavior (male-female interaction tests, scent marking, habituation), response to cocaine (motor activity, novelty seeking, place preference), response to alcohol (EtOH-induced alterations in behavior and EtOH preference), vision (eye morphology, retinal structure, optics), and aging (morbidity and mortality, behavioral and pathological changes with aging). Control data from hybrid mice have been collected to establish baselines for these neural phenotypes.  Details of the phenotypes of the mutant mice that we have been found will be presented. Further, issues such as “hit” rate and on-target and off-target detection of phenodevian pedigrees will be presented and discussed. Information, data, and progress on this program can be monitored at:

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