International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


R Selley
MRC Harwell

1) Brundrett A, 1) Jones J, 1) Jones P, 1) Oxspring R, 1) Seymour M, 2) Johnson R
1) Informatics Group, MRC Harwell, 2) Mary Lyon Centre, MRC Harwell

The Mary Lyon Centre (MLC) is a state-of-the-art central facility for mouse genetic studies being constructed on the MRC Harwell campus.To support the MLC, a team of software developers within the MRC Harwell Informatics Group is developing a data capture system to incorporate all aspects of animal facility research and management.  The system, 'AnonyMus', consists of a relational database management system schema (Sybase) and a web enabled user front end implemented using Java™ technologies (servlets and Java Server Pages™). The software is being designed to ensure stability, security, efficiency, accuracy and ease of use to provide an online environment where animal husbandry, experimental and facility management data are accessible, alongside licensing data to ensure compliance with UK Home Office regulations.To enable successful design, development and deployment, each subject area is split into modules and these are assigned to individual programmers.  Programmers are able to gain a complete understanding of the scientific principles of the areas assigned to them, ensuring development of software to meet specific user requirements. To aid development a user group has been set up to provide initial feedback on the modules. Extensive testing is also underway as the system develops to ensure that all aspects of data are effectively captured and stored.Areas identified for data capture are; animal husbandry, Home Office licensing, cryopreservation, pathology/histology, transgenics, mutagenesis, behavioural, biochemical, imports/exports, job requests, cage management, cost accounting and training.

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