International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


H Masuya
Mouse Functional Genomics Research Group, RIKEN GSC

1) Inoue M, 1) Motegi H, 1) Minowa O, 1) Toki H, 1) Wada Y, 1) Suzuki T, 1) Kobayashi K, 1) Kaneda H, 1) Ishijima J, 2) Nakai Y, 2) Gondo Y, 1) Wakana S, 1) Noda T and 1) Shiroishi T
1) Mouse Functional Genomics Research Group, RIKEN GSC2) Population and Quantitative Genomics Team, RIKEN GSC

Mouse ENU mutagenesis program in RIKEN GSC directs a large-scale production of mutant mice by comprehensive phenotype screening. The program involves the screenings for early- and late-onset phenotypes. In the former screening, about 100 mice are every week subjected to behavioral test based on the modified-SHIRPA protocol, blood test (clinical biochemical and hemogram). In the latter screening, about 60 mice aged up to 18 months are subjected to package of behavioral tests that include Openfield test for assaying anxiety and Passive avoidance test for learning and memory. At the end of the late-onset screening, all aged mice are dissected for observe the tumor incidence. Sperm of all G1 animals are archived by cryopreservation for the late onset screening and gene driven analyses. Phenodeviants are examined inheritance of its phenotypes by the offspring. Mutants are deposited to RIKEN BRC for conservation of mutant resources. All the experiments in this program are supported by the central database system. It recodes all data produced from the program and significantly contributes to the communication within and among workgroups. All information of this database and the mutants generated in RIKEN GSC program is available at: We will report the resent progress of the program and the summary of results of the dominant screen system using G1 mutants generated from the cross of DBA/2J and ENU injected C57BL/6J at early onset stage.

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