International Mammalian Genome Society

The 16th International Mouse Genome Conference (2002)


SZ Zeretzke

1) Tocchini-Valentini G, 2) Herault Y, 3) Brown S, 4) Ährlund-Richter L, 5) Gulbenkian S, 6) Cameron G, 7) Hrabé de Angelis M
1) CNR, 2) CNRS, 3) MRC, 4) Karolinska Institutet, 5) Fondação C. Gulbenkian, 6) EBI, 7) GSF

In order to make the transfer of biological information more effective, appropriate databases are under construction and will be further developed in the framework of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) and in collaboration with existing databases. An essential role of the EMMA project is to foster the virtual coupling of the EMMA stock centres and related information systems through the establishment and maintenance of a dedicated resource database (EMMA-RDB). This will be ultimately implemented as a fully integrated web-based database. It will connect the different partners to one virtual centre and serve as an interface to the scientific community. EMMA currently develops towards the central European repository for cryopreservation and distribution of mouse mutant strains. EMMA strains are available to academic institutions from all around the world. Stocks may also be available to industrial/commercial organisations, although their use may be restricted in accordance with specific Material Transfer Agreements, held by the original owners/producers of the requested strain.A focus is the establishment of a worldwide network of repositories for all generated mutant lines while EMMA represents the European part of this worldwide network. Besides the active co–operation between EMMA and the JAX, new contacts has built up to the MMRRC  (Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center) and the CMMC (Canadian Mutant Mouse Centre). Moreover it is planned to incorporate by autumn 2002 the data from the EMMA mice into the IMSR (International Mouse Strain Resource).Applications for depositing and requesting mutant strains can be submitted through the EMMA website: ATTENTION NEW URL

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