International Mammalian Genome Society

17th International Mouse Genome Conference

9-12 November 2003, Braunschweig, Germany


Yang JW
Medical Research Council Harwell UK

Co-Authors: 1) Hardisty R, 1) Varela A, 1) Mburu P, 1) Parkinson N, 1) Willan J, 1) Pritchard C, 1) Underhill P, 1) Hilton H, 1) Madge J, 1) Polley S, 2) Carey AH, 2) Jones H, 3) Soares B, 1) Brown S
Institutions: 1) Medical Research Council Harwell UK, 2) Oxagen Ltd UK, 3) University of Iowa USA

We have used cDNA microarrays to explore gene expression profile changes accompanying the development of the sensory neuroepithelium, the organ of Corti (OC), in the inner ear of deaf mouse mutations at P1 and P3, which is one of the crucial periods for sensory hair cell differentiation. Of 6700 random genes arrayed from a normalised newborn mouse inner ear (NMIE) cDNA library, we found the expression level of 364 genes increased 2 fold or more and 90 genes decreased at least 2 fold during normal OC development from P1 to P3. In comparison, the OC of the whirler mice, a mutant that shows abnormal elongation and development of stereocilia, shows 184 genes increased and 219 decreased between P1 and P3.

The developmental expression pattern of several clusters of genes in the mutant OC does not follow that of wild type (wt). 29 genes, whose expression level increased significantly between P1 and P3 in wt OC, decreased dramatically in the mutant OC over the same period. 17 genes which did not show a significant increase in wt OC, decreased significantly in mutant OC from P1 to P3. There are 15 genes whose expression increased significantly in mutant OC, but were unchanged in the wt OC. We have also found a group of 10 genes whose expression decreased significantly during wt OC development, but did not change significantly in mutant OC development. These genes represent molecules with potential involvement in stereocilia development that will be investigated further.

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