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17th International Mouse Genome Conference

9-12 November 2003, Braunschweig, Germany


Lane DB
The Jackson Laboratory

Co-Authors: Rockwood S F, Mobraaten L E, Davisson M T
Institutions: The Jackson Laboratory

The Induced Mutant Resource (IMR) at The Jackson Laboratory is a centralized repository that collects and distributes biomedically significant targeted and transgenic mutant mouse strains to the scientific community. Genetic integrity and protection of each IMR strain are ensured by cryopreservation. The IMR maintains an online database of curated strain information as a resource for researchers. Mutant strain records in the IMR database include phenotypic descriptions, transgene or targeted mutation information, strain development and maintenance procedures, references, and links to other relevant online resources. Currently the IMR contains over 950 accepted strains and adds approximately 6-7 strains each month. Over 130,000 mice are distributed each year from the IMR.
Recent additions to the IMR include a mouse model for Parkinson's Disease that over-expresses mutant human amyloid beta precursor protein in nervous tissue and a mouse model for asthma research- a targeted mutation of the Tbx21, T-box 21, gene that causes hyper responsiveness with airway remodeling, and is susceptible to chronic intestinal inflammation. Also under development is a targeted mutation of the Bcl2l11, BCL2-like 11, gene that develops progressive systemic autoimmune disease useful in studies of degenerative and autoimmune diseases, such as lupus erythematosus and polycystic kidney disease. A new model of Familial Alzheimer's Disease mimics amyloid deposition and plaque formation seen in human patients. Another recent addition is an Aire, autoimmune regulator, deficient mutant that serves as a model for autoimmune disease.
Researchers can submit candidate IMR mutant strains directly through a form available on the IMR website at:

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