International Mammalian Genome Society

17th International Mouse Genome Conference

9-12 November 2003, Braunschweig, Germany


O'Neill K E
Incyte Corporation

Co-Authors: Hodge A, Hogan J, Peter-Davis A, Murphy L, Selfors L, Pagano S, Tillberg M
Institutions: Incyte Corporation

With the completion of the Mouse and Human genome sequences, Incyte's Proteome BioKnowledge Library™ provides a unique resource for comparative genomic and proteomic analysis. Search capabilities of Incyte's Proteome BioKnowledge Library™ allow for the interpretation of Functional Genomic and Proteomic datasets to provide insight to biological, disease and pathway analysis.

Utilizing the sequenced genomes as the frameworks, our expert, Ph.D. curators systematically collect published protein knowledge currently sequestered throughout the literature and provide it in a concise highly navigable format. Information is organized in a one page per protein format that allows one to access related proteins across species. The content is updated weekly and the information is provided on line ( with installed versions available to commercial organizations.

The Human Proteome Survey Database (HumanPSD™) is one component of Incyte's BioKnowledge Library™ and compiles up-to-date information on the Fundamental properties of more than 39,000 characterized mammalian proteins. Included in Human PSD™ are protein pages for 18,000 human proteins, 15,000 mouse proteins, and 5,000 rat proteins. Proteins are characterized utilizing the descriptive terminology of gene ontology (GO™), thus creating a detailed picture of protein function based on molecular function, biological process, and cellular component properties. Mouse proteins are additionally defined by their mutant phenotypes, describing behavioral, physiological and cellular phenotypes compiled from over 15,000 references.

The BioKnowledge Library comprises the following volumes, HumanPSD™, GPCR-PD™, (G-protein coupled receptor database) both focus on human, mouse and rat protein information, YPD™ for S. cerevisiae, PombePD™ for S.pombe, WormPD™, for C.elegans and MycoPathPD™ for a collection of 17 human fungal pathogens.

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