International Mammalian Genome Society

logo18th International Mouse Genome Conference

17-22 October 2004, Seattle, USA


Yang P, Kuo Y, Ho M, Cheng C, Lin M, Lin W, Kung J

Mouse Mutagenesis Program Core Facility, Taipei, Taiwan

In the high-throughput breeding environment, many hundreds of offspring are generated quickly. In order to maintain high-level productivity and efficient operation, establishment of highly specialized tools is highly critical. Here, we describe our efforts at generating informatics for our Mouse Mutagenesis Program Core Facility based on technology-derived tools that are task-oriented, effective, scalable, and configurable, so as to serve the needs of all members of this facility. The goal of our proposed system, known as MosTrack, is to provide the necessary tools to manage the daily affairs within the Mouse Mutagenesis Program Core Facility, support efforts in maintaining timely data transactions and keeping informed of issues relevant to the mice. Overall success of the design and development of the MosTrack system will be attributed to the following key features:

Flexibility: Generic design makes MosTrack more flexible. Different users have different and often unique needs. MosTrack is easily customized to meet the needs of different user groups.

Extensibility: Modular design is another feature for MosTrack. New features can be easily added or modified.

Visualized Design: Visualization helps research assistants and caretakers to efficiently track the history and current status of each cage.

User-Friendly GUI Design: Consistent user interface design makes this system more user-friendly. Users can easily operate this system without extensive training.

Tailored to the workflow of mouse mutagenesis problem: The development of MosTrack is tailored to the workflow of mouse mutagenesis research. It is a user-friendly system with enhanced efficiency, flexibility and expandability.

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