International Mammalian Genome Society

logo18th International Mouse Genome Conference

17-22 October 2004, Seattle, USA


Laufs J 1, Kurzmann M 1, Schöniger M 1, Zinser C 1, Gnodtke A 1, Kukulies M 2, Sedlmeier R 1, Wattler S 1, Nehls M 1

1 Ingenium Pharmaceuticals, Martinsried, Germany, 2 Pieris Proteolab AG, Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

Controlled breeding of animals for scientific research is a logistic challenge. For Ingenium Pharmaceuticals, which generates hundreds of genetic rodent lines using ENU-mutagenesis and performs complex phenotyping on thousands of mice both for in-house research and also for collaborations, the efficient management of the animal facility is essential.

With GENcyclopedia, Ingenium has developed an electronic platform that supports all the comprehensive aspects of animal management and scientific research.

By supporting the manifold requirements of the different departments and research groups, including project management, animal handling, phenotyping and genotyping, all data are tightly linked and controlled by an accurate rules engine.

As one example, project management is supported by generation of phenotyping schedules, resulting in daily work-lists for animal facility tasks. The execution is monitored by feedback loops.

All activities are controlled and monitored by the middle tier engine according to genetic, administrative and animal-welfare rules. Reporting tools and pedigree-viewer are further benefits. In addition, GENcyclopedia is central for tracking HTS mutation detection of Ingenium’s successful INGENOtyping platform.

As a cutting edge multi-tier J2EE system, GENcyclopedia allows different kinds of clients to be connected to the core rules system, which guarantees data consistency on the backend Oracle RDBMS. For multi-user access, permission is controlled on user or group level, both on performing actions and visibility of data objects. The framework based on an accurate data model keeps the system flexible for customizations and extensions in response to the fast changing needs of rapid and efficient research for Ingenium and its partners.

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