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October 31-November 3, 1999

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B10 Rat Genome Data: Genetic Markers, Polymorphisms and Maps

Palazola, Richard P., Kadin, James A., Richardson, Joel E., Eppig, Janan T. Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory, 600 Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

The Rat Genome Data pages -- available at and via a link on the Mouse Genome Informatics home page (MGI) -- provides access to genomic data for the rat. The available data, including information on 5256 loci, was integrated from information in files downloaded from MIT and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW).

The MIT data provides primer sequences, and mapping positions for two crosses, (FHH x ACI)F2 and (SHRSP x BN)F2. The MCW data provides PCR product length variation data for 48 strains at 4700+ loci and Radiation Hybridization mapping for 960+ loci.

Available data pages include individual locus detail, lists of loci by chromosome sorted by symbol name or cM position, and linkage and RH maps.

Linkage maps for each of the two MIT crosses, and RH maps are available for 21 chromosomes (1-20 and X); the locus symbols serve as links to the corresponding Genetic Marker Detail pages.

Tables of allelic polymorphisms are available for each of the 21 chromosomes sorted by the symbol name or by cM position for each of the two MIT crosses. Each chromosome polymorphisms page provides a table of loci (rows) with allele lengths for each of 48 strains (columns) tested at MCW. The locus symbols are links to the corresponding Genetic Marker Detail pages.

The Genetic Marker Detail pages, provide locus specific summaries of available information, including:

User support is available for the MGI Rat Genom Data via e-mail to

The Rat Genome Data project is supported by the NIH grant HL59826.


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