International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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E53 Novel Alcohol Preference Loci and Advanced Mapping Strategies in C57Bl/6 mice

Jeremy Peirce and Lee M. Silver. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

C57BL/6 mice reproducibly prefer to ingest more 10% ethanol in a two bottle choice paradigm than do DBA/2J mice. We have identified two new sex-specific alcohol preference (Alcp) loci in addition to the loci described by Melo et al. (1996). Alcp3 is a male-specific locus on chromosome 3, and Alcp4 is a female specific locus on chromosome 1.

We are currently using several methods to map these loci to smaller intervals. Here we describe the generation of and preliminary mapping results using the advanced intercross line and (AIL) and recombinant inbred segregation testing (RIST) mapping strategies designed by Ariel Darvasi. We also discuss the ongoing generation of reagents for a hybrid mapping strategy combining strengths of both appoaches.


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