International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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D26 Transcription Maps of Human Chr 2p13.3 and Proximal Mouse Chr 11

T. Schmitt-John, K. Resch, M. Platzer*, S. Fuchs, D. Korthaus, C. Thiel, M. Ronsiek, Andre Rosenthal*, H. Jockusch. Developmental Biology & Molecular Pathology, University of Bielefeld, Germany; *Genome Sequencing Center, IMB, Jena, Germany

In the course of our positional cloning project of the mouse mutation "wobbler" (wr) a comparative physical map of proximal mouse chromosome 11 and human chromosome 2p13.3 has been established. This gene-rich region comprises in addition to the neurodegenerative disease gene wr several known genes and many ESTs corresponding to unknown genes. The homologous regions of the two species, have previously been defined by radiation hybrid mapping and segregation analysis (Wedemeyer et al., 1996, Genomics 32, 447-454; Korthaus et al., 1997, Genomics 43, 242-244). The comparative mapping was extended by STS and EST analysis of about 4 Mb YAC and BAC contigs of both species (Resch et al., 1998, Mamm. Genome 9:893-898).

If the ESTs taken from Genmap '99 mapped to the correct interval éin silico' studies were accomplished to identify matching murine ESTs. For homologous ESTs PCR primers were designed and physical mapping on the mouse YAC/BAC contig was carried out. In parallel mouse STSs were generated by sequencing BAC ends and some of these incorporated ESTs which could also been mapped on the human YACs. Here we present the detailed comparative physical mapping of the homologous genomic regions on human Chr 2p13 and mouse Chr 11 on the basis of YAC and BAC contigs. Selected BAC-clones have been subjected to low redundancy sequencing. The fist results of sequence analysis of the BACs will be presented.

Supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, SCHM 1276.


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