International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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I5 Differential Gene Expression with a Mouse cDNA Microarray Based on 3'-ESTs from Mouse Early Embryos

T. Tanaka1, M. K. Lim1, Y. Piao1, G. K. Kargul1, C. Yu1, M.J. Grahovac1, Y. Sano1, S. Pantano1, R. Nagaraja1, K. G. Becker2, and M. S. H. Ko1. 1Laboratory of Genetics and 2Research Resources Branch, National Institute on Aging, NIH, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA

To study global changes of gene expression patterns during early mouse embryogenesis, 3'-ESTs have been collected from cDNA libraries made from preimplantation and periimplantation stages. Approximately 60,000 3'-ESTs have been collapsed into 15,275 sets of unique genes. This non-redundant gene set consists of 2132 genes from E7.5 extraembryonic tissue cDNA library, 893 genes from E7.5 embryonic tissue cDNA library, 7692 genes from preimplantation cDNA libraries (unfertilized eggs, fertilized eggs, 2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, 16-cell embryos and blastocysts), and 4620 genes from E12.5 mesonephros and newborn ovary cDNA libraries. Sequence similarity searches against public sequence database revealed that this gene set consists of 3331 (22%) known (named) genes, 3526 (23.1%) new genes with some similarity to named genes, and 8418 (55.1%) new genes. A cDNA microarray with representative genes has been made and used for expression profiling of early mouse embryos.


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