International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

Table of Contents * Structure * Bioinformatics * Sequence * Mapping * New Tools * Gene Discovery * Developmental * Mutagenesis * Functional Genomics

B. Bioinformatics

Interactive Poster Session

    1. Sifting Through the Information Sandbox at the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Website
      J. A. Blake, J. E. Richardson, J. T. Eppig, J. A. Kadin, M. Ringwald, C. J. Bult, and the Mouse Genome Informatics Team
    2. An Integrated Workbench for the Visualization and Analysis of Genomic Feature Organization
      Carol Bult, Kate Beard-Tisdale, Max Egenhofer, and Constance Holden
    3. The Mouse Locus Catalog (MLC): a Database of Phenotypes and Alleles
      Allan Peter Davis, Cathleen M. Lutz, Richard M. Baldarelli, Judith A. Blake, Janan T. Eppig, and Staff of Mouse Genome Informatics
    4. The Language of Phenotypes: Bringing Sandard and Mutant Phenotype Vocabularies Into MGD
      Janan T. Eppig, Judith A. Blake, Richard M. Baldarelli, Allan P. Davis, Cathy M. Lutz, and Joel E. Richardson
      J. A. Kadin, J. E. Richardson, J. T. Eppig, J. A. Blake, M. Ringwald, and the Mouse Genome Informatics Staff
    6. The Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) Project
      Cathleen M. Lutz, Debra M. Krupke, Carol J. Bult, John P. Sundberg, Janan T. Eppig
    7. What's New in Nomenclature
      Lois J. Maltais, Judith A. Blake, Janan T. Eppig, Muriel T. Davisson
    8. Map Manager QTX: Cross-Platform Software for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci
      Kenneth F. Manly
    9. none
    10. Rat Genome Data: Genetic Markers, Polymorphisms and Maps
      Palazola, Richard P., Kadin, James A., Richardson, Joel E., Eppig, Janan T
    11. Tools for EST Mapping
      Patricia Rodriguez-Tome
    12. Cross-Referencing the T31 Whole Genome Radiation Hybrid Data to the High Quality Recombination Map of the Mouse
      Lucy Rowe, Mary Barter, Jurgen Naggert, Janan Eppig
    13. Mutabase - A Distributed Database for Animal Husbandry, Mutagenesis and Behavioural Analysis
      Strivens M. A., Selley R., Greenaway S., Hewitt M., Liu X., Battershill K., McCormack S., Pickford, K., Vizor L., Nolan P., Peters J., Brown S.D.M
    14. EMPATH - EST Mapping Project at Harwell
      S. Greenaway, C. Davison, C. Heuston, P. J. Trickett, A. Southwell, A. Haynes, M. A. Strivens, S. D. M. Brown and P. Denny
    15. Genome Project Data in the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
      Alexandra E. van den Broek, Peter Sterk, Guenter Stoesser
    16. Integrating Genome Sequence with Biology
      C. J. Bult, J. A. Blake, J. T. Eppig and the Mouse Genome Informatics Group

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