International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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D. Physical Mapping and Sequencing


  1. Events of Sequence in the Mouse Genome Project
    R. H. Reeves and J. Lund
  2. Integration of Physical, Radiation Hybrid and Deletion Maps on Proximal and Central Mouse Chromosome 5
    Lengeling, A., Wiltshire, T., Tarantino, L.M., Alavizadeh, A., Otmani, C., Libby, B., Schimenti, J. and Bucan, M.
  3. Generating a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)-Based Genotyping Mapping Panel for Closely Related Strains of Inbred Mice
    Al Charest, Barbara M. Jordan, Justin P. Blumenstiel, Julie A. Park, Viktoria Kheifets, John E. Landers and David Housman
  4. Large-Scale Detection and Genotyping of Mouse Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms
    K. Lindblad, N. Patil, E. Winchester, D. Wang, E. Robinson, M. J. Daly, N. Shah, J. Warrington, T. J. Hudson, E. Lander
  5. Human-Mouse Comparative Mapping of Human Chromosome 7
    James W. Thomas, Tyrone J. Summers, D. Curtis Jamison, Shih-Queen Lee-Lin, Valerie V. Braden and Eric D. Green
  6. Comparative Sequence Analysis of 1.5 Mb from Mouse Chromosome X and Its Corresponding Regions in Human Xq28
    Platzer, M., Reichwald, K., Galgoczy, P., Goremykin. V., Geist, S., Zhao, W., Herman, G.E., Rosenthal, A.
  7. An RH Map of the Mouse Genome
    W. Van Etten, R. Steen, H. Nguyen, Melanie Muir, A. Castle, G. Farino, V. Frazzoni, Saulius Girnius, G. Schuler, E. Lander and T. Hudson


  1. Novel Gene Identification in the Bare-Patches (Bpa)/ Striated (Str) Region of the Mouse X Chromosome Using a Mouse-Human Comparative Approach
    Bate, R., Mallon, A-M., Denny, P., Strivens, M. A., Botcherby, M. R. M., Straw, R., Clarke, D., Weston, P., Greystrong, J., Gilbert, M., Dangel, A., Cunningham, D., Herman, G.E., Miller, W., Platzer, M., Rosenthal, A., Rhodes, M., Brown, S. D. M
  2. Physical and Transcriptional Mapping of the Juvenile Spermatogonial Depletion (jsd) Critical Interval
    Holly Boettger-Tong, Nicholas Levy, Alexander Agulnik, M. Teresa Ty, Yoshitake Nishimune and Colin Bishop
  3. Development of a Genetic and Physical Map of the Region of Mouse Chromosome 8 Homologous to the Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Locus on Human Chromosome 4q35: Cloning of an Evolutionary Chromosomal Breakpoint
    D. J. Bolland, P. K. Grewal, M. van Geel, R. R. Frants, P. J. de Jong, J. E. Hewitt
  4. Comparative Sequence Analysis of the Caltractin Region in Man, Mouse and Fugu
    Marc Botcherby, E. Vithana and M. S. Clark
  5. Archiving and Recovery of Bacterial Plasmids Using FTA Paper
    Michael Connolly, Pamela Hansen, Arubula Reddy, and Mindy Goldsborough
  6. Genetic and Physical Maps of the Mouse del36H Deletion
    Paul Denny, Matthew Cadman, Tracy Marsland, Ruth Arkell, Owen McCann, Lucy Matthews, Sarah Sims, Stephan Beck, Jane Rogers & Steve Brown.
  7. Genomic Structure of the Mouse Ap3b1 Gene
    Brian W. Rigatti, Lijun Feng, Edward, K. Novak, Richard T. Swank and Michael B. Gorin
  8. Determination of Exon/Intron Boundaries by Direct Sequencing of BACs with Internal Primers
    Lijun Feng, Edward, K. Novak, and Richard T. Swank
  9. Novel Alternatively Spliced Form of Nbr1 Redefines Brcal - Nbr1 Intergenic Region with Putative Bi-Directional Promoter Conserved in Human and Rodents
    Stoil Dimitrov, Maria Brennerova and Jiri Forejt
  10. Comparative Sequence Analysis of the Region from RSVP to F8 on Mouse Chromosome X and its Syntenic Region in Human Xq28
    Galgoczy, P., Reichwald, K., Goremykin, V., Geist S., Rosenthal, A., Platzer, M
  11. Megasatellite DNA: Human RS447 and Its Homologs in Rodents
    Yoichi Gondo, Yoshinori Okada, Takeya Okada, Yasushi Saitoh, Yoshiko Yanagisawa, Joh-E Ikeda
  12. The Mouse Full-Length cDNA Encyclopedia
    Jun Kawai, Yoshifumi Fukunishi, Piero Carninci, Yuichi Sugahara, Masayasu Yoshino, Yasuhiro Ozawa, Kazuhiro Shibata, Masayoshi Itoh, Yuko Shibata, Hideaki Konno, Toshinori Endo, Masami Muramatsu, Yasushi Okazaki, and Yoshihide Hayashizaki
  13. Prediction of Regulatory Regions: Sequence and Computational Analysis of the Murine Tbx4 Locus
    Amy Horton, Naiche Adler, Jeremy Gibson-Brown, Virginia Papaioannou, and Lee Silver
  14. Analysis of Regulatory Elements for Pax1 and Pax9 by BAC Transgenesis and Comparative Sequencing
    Imai, K., Kokubu, C., Santagati, F., Wilm, B., Peters, H., Dietz, U., Gerber, J.-K., Suzuki, M., Abe, K., Yamamura, K., Balling, R
  15. Analyses of Genomic Sequences from Mouse T-Complex
    G.K. Kargul, P. Waeltz, P. Ma, E. Chen, D. Schlessinger, R. Nagaraja, and M.S.H. Ko
  16. Genetic Variation of Mitochondrial DNA in Cheju (Korea) Native Horses Using SSCP Analysis
    Yong Hwan Jung, Gi Ok Kim, Mi Hee Ko, You Sung Oh, Sang Hyun Han, and M Moon You Oh.
  17. Genetic, Radiation Hybrid, and Physical Maps of the Region Around the jcpk Locus on Mouse Chromosome 10
    Sarah J. Price, Kathleen E. Tartaglia, Lorraine Flaherty, and Elizabeth C. Bryda
  18. The Structure of Distal CHR 12 Including IGH and Environs
    Roy Riblet, America Mauhar, Brendan Brinkman, and Christophe Chevillard
  19. Transcription Maps of Human Chr 2p13.3 and Proximal Mouse Chr 11
    T. Schmitt-John, K. Resch, M. Platzer, S. Fuchs, D. Korthaus, C. Thiel, M. Ronsiek, Andre Rosenthal, H. Jockusch
  20. Advanced Strategies for Direct Sequencing of BACs and Repeated Regions of Mammalian Genomes
    A. Slesarev, A. Malykh, O. Malykh N. Pavlov, N. Polushin, S. Kozyavkin.
  21. Comparative Sequencing of Mouse X Chromosome: Generating a Sequence-Ready Map F8 to Dmd
    Straw, R. N. A., Botcherby, M., Clarke, D., Weston, P., Greystrong, J., Bate, R., Denny, P., Rhodes, M., Campbell, R., Brown, S. D. M
  22. Orthologs of Two Genes Tightly Linked in C. elegans Map Close to Each Other in Mouse and Human
    Zdenek Trachtulec, Lorraine Eley, Roger Cox, and Jirí Forejt.
  23. Physical Mapping and Sequencing in the Mouse t-complex Region
    P. Waeltz, E. Jones, D. Schlessinger, M.S.H. Ko and R. Nagaraja
  24. A Radiation Hybrid Map of the Rat Genome
    Takeshi K. Watanabe, et al

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