International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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E. New Tools in Gene Mapping and Complex Genetics


  1. The Genetics of Behavior and Mental Illness
    Steven Hyma, National Institute of Mental Health, NIMS, Bethesda, MD
    no abstract available
  2. Identification of Epistatic Interactions Involved in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus in the Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty Rat
    Takahisa Yamada, Takeshi Miyake, Yoshiyuki Sasaki, Hiroyuki Kose and Kozo Matsumoto
  3. Neurpeptide Y is a Candidate Gene for an Obesity QTL
    B. A. Taylor, C. Wnek, D. Schroeder, and S. J. Phillips
  4. Correction of Neurological Phenotypes in Quaking by Introduction of a 160-kb BAC Transgene
    T. Kondo, T. Kaname, Kanae Mitsunaga, T. Ebersole, K. Artzt, K. Yamamura and Kuniya Abe
  5. Genetic and Functional Characterization of the Cluster of SLE-Susceptibility Loci on Mouse Telomeric Chromosome 1
    Laurence Morel, Byron P. Croker, Kim R. Blenman, and Edward K. Wakeland
  6. Genetic, Molecular and Physiological Control of Folate and Homocysteine Metabolism: Hedgehog Signal Transduction Mutations Affect Homocysteine Levels and RNA Abundance Profiles
    Sheila R. Ernest, Benedicte Christensen, Brian M. Gilfix, Orval A. Mamer, Patrick J. Dunn, Angela Hosack Mitchell Rodier, Clemencia Colmenares, James McGrath, Allen Bale, Rudi Balling, David Sankoff, David S. Rosenblatt, and Joseph H. Nadeau.
  7. Efficient Localization of Mutations by Interval Haplotype Analysis
    David R. Beier and Isaac M. Neuhaus
  8. Introgressing Mus spretus Genome into a C57BL/6 Background: Lessons from the Establishment of Interspecific Recombinant Congenic Strains
    Xavier Montagutelli, Stéphanie Voegeling, Marek Szatanik, Jean-Louis Guénet


  1. Cerebellum-Specific QTLs in the Mouse Brain
    David C. Airey, Lu Lu, Richelle Strom, Emmanuel Gilissen, Guomin Zhou, Robert W. Williams
  2. Epistatic Interactions of Loci that Modify the Severity of PKD in the jck Mouse
    David R. Beier and Shiei Kuida
  3. Genetic Modifiers of a Double-Stranded (ds) RNA Binding Protein Encoding Locus (Tarbp2) that Suppress Perinatal Lethality
    Bill Buaas, Antoine H. F. M. Peters, Jun Zhong and Robert E. Braun.
  4. Detecting Epistasis for Quantitative Traits in Inbred Line Crosses
    Gary A. Churchill
  5. Characterisation of a Rat Chromosome 7 Blood Pressure/Cardiac Mass Quantitative Trait Locus using Congenic Substrains
    George T. Cicila, Michael R. Garrett, Oksana Dukhanina, Howard Dene, Jun Liu, Soon Jin Lee, and John P. Rapp
  6. QTLs Associated with Protection of Mouse Photoreceptors from Light-Induced Damage; An Rpe65 Variant is Associated with One of Them
    M Danciger, MT Matthes, D Yasumura, NB Akhmedov, M Redmond, S Gentleman, MM LaVail, DB Farber
  7. Modifiers of Egf-Receptor Phenotype
    Green, P., Threadgill, D., Yee, D., Om, J., Thiele, B., Schork, N. and T. Magnuson
  8. Initiation and Progression of Polyoma Middle T-Induced Mammary Tumors is Controlled by Multiple Epistatically Interacting LocI
    Le Voyer, T., Lu, Z., Lifsted, T., Williams, M. and Hunter, K
  9. Development of Two Sets of Genome Wide Overlapping Concentic Mouse Strains
    Iakoubova, O., Olsson, C., Dains, K., Kalcheva, I., Choi, J., Andalibi, A., Bently, G., and West, D. B
  10. The Complex Genetics of Cleft Lip in Mice and Mapping the Second Epistatic Locus, CLF2
    Diana M. Juriloff, Muriel J. Harris,
  11. Characterization of Behavioral Diversity in the Inbred Strains Established from Wild Mice
    Tsuyoshi Koide, Kazuo Moriwaki and Toshihiko Shiroishi
  12. Evaluation of the Influence of Strain Background on the Development of Adenomas in Apc Min/+ Mice
    Revati Koratkar, Karen Silverman, Arthur M. Buchberg, and Linda D. Siracusa
  13. Multiple Loci Contribute to Cold Stimulation of Ucp1 mRNA and Brown Adipocyte Formation in Mouse Retroperitoneal White Fat
    Robert A. Koza, Susanna Hohmann, Lana Ritchie, James Mancuso, and Leslie P. Kozak
  14. Identification of (Dietary Response) Genes Involved in Lipid Metabolism and Susceptibility to Atherosclerosis in Mice
    Arja J. Kreeft, Corina J. A. Moen, Patrick J. J. van Gorp, Nicole A. Datson, Marion J. J. Gijbels,Miek C. Jong, Erno Vreugdenhil, Rune R. Frants, Louis M. Havekes and Marten H. Hofker
  15. High-Resolution Mapping of QTL for Body Weight in Mice by Progeny Testing
    Xiaojun Liu and Peter Keightley,
  16. A Four-Locus Least Squares Linear Genetic Model of Testosterone Production by Leydig Cell in Mice
    Osadchuk, A. V., Svechnikov, K. V., and Ahmerova, L G
  17. Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis of Salt-Induced Blood Pressure Elevation in C57BL/6J and A/J Mice; Concordance of QTL with Rat and Human Hypertension QTL
    Beverly Paigen, Fumihiro Sugiyama, Gary A. Churchill, David Higgins, Conrado Johns, and Haralambos Gavras
  18. Genetic and Functional Analysis of QTL that Modulate the Endotoxin-Induced Flammatory Response
    L. E. Matesic, E. L. Niemitz, A. De Maio, and R. H. Reeves
  19. Mapping and Positional Cloning of TNF-Response Modifier Genes in the Mouse
    Ben Wielockx, Jan Staelens, Rosemary Elliott and Claude Libert
  20. Mapping Germ Cell Tumor Susceptibility Genes Using a Consomic Strain and Derived Congenic Strains
    Kirsten Youngren, Angabin Matin and Joseph Nadeau

QTL - Mapping Posters

  1. Body Weight, Food, Water and Salt Consumption in 28 Mouse Strains
    A. A. Bachmanov, M. G. Tordoff, and G. K. Beauchamp
  2. Seizure Susceptibility from a Locus on Chromosome 1: Gene Candidates for Szs1
    R. J. Buono, T. N. Ferraro, M. R. Sperling, M. J. O'Connor, S. G. Ryan, G. T. Golden, G. G. Smith, and W. H. Berrettini
  3. Viral Load and a Locus on Chromosome 11 Affect the Late Clinical Disease Caused by Theiler's Virus
    Stéphanie Aubagnac, Michel Brahic, and Jean-François Bureau.
  4. Isolation, Characterization and Analysis of p140mRhoGAP
    Michael R. Crowley, Karen E. Slon, Norma J. Nowak, Kazutoyo Osoegawa, Pieter DeJong and Bonnie B. Asch
  5. Comparison of Bone Mineral Content and Bone Mineral Density in C57BL/6J and C3H/HeJ Female Mice by pQCT (Stratec XCT 960M) and DEXA (PIXImus)
    L. R. Donahue, C. J. Rosen, and W. G. Beamer
  6. Unexpectedly High Recombination Frequency in a Cross Involving an Interspecies Congenic Strain on Chr X During Genetic Analysis of Male Hybrid Subfertility
    Rosemary W. Elliott, Darla R. Miller, R. Scott Pearsall, Colleen Hohman, Diane Poslinski, Debra A. Tabaczynski, Verne M. Chapman
  7. Profiling Movement Patterns in the Development of Neurological Mutant Mice
    John C. Fentress
  8. Szs1, A Fundamental Seizure-Related Locus on Mouse Chromosome 1
    T. N. Ferraro, G. T. Golden, G. G. Smith, P. St. Jean, N. J. Schork, R. J. Buono, and W. H. Berrettini
  9. Dysfunctional Intestine and Abnormality in CNS Found in XPG-Deficient Mice
    Yoshi-nobu Harada, Xue-Zhi Sun, Atsushi Tsuji, Naoko Shiomi, Tadahiro Shiomi
  10. The MPTP Mouse Model as Tool for Revealing the Genetics of Parkinson's Disease
    K. Hofele, M. Sedelis, S. Morgan, P. Kutz, J. P. Huston, R. K. W. Schwarting, G. W. Auburger
  11. A Genome-Wide Scan for QTLs Controlling 10-Week Body Weight in a Backcross Population of C57BL/6J and Philippine Wild Mice
    Akira Ishikawa, Yoichi Matsuda, and Takao Namikawa
  12. Hypothalamic Cocaine- and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (CART) and Serum Leptin Levels are Reduced in the Anorectic anx/anx Mouse
    Johansen, J., Broberger, C., Lavebratt, C., Johansson C., Kuhar, M., Hökfelt, T., Schalling. M
  13. Identification of Candidate Genes for Blood Pressure (BP) Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Based on their Expression Patterns in a Panel of Congenic Rats
    Soon Jin Lee, Howard Dene, Jun Liu, Michel R. Garrett, John P. Rapp, and George T. Cicila
  14. QTLs for Alcohol and Sweetener Preference Map to the Same Position on Mouse Distal Chromosome 4
    X. Li, A.A. Bachmanov, D.R. Reed, M.G. Tordoff, R.A. Price, and G.K. Beauchamp
  15. Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis of Prion Disease Incubation Time
    S. E. Lloyd, J. A. Beck, E. M. C. Fisher and J. Collinge
  16. New Murine Hippocampus-Specific QTL Maps to Distal Chr 1
    Lu Lu, David C. Airey, Emmanuel Gilissen, Guomin Zhou, Robert W. Williams
  17. Genome Wide Scan for Modifiers of BSE Susceptibility
    K. Manolakou, M. Bruce, I. Jackson
  18. Genetic Dissection of QTLs Responsible for NIDDM and Obesity by Genome-Wide Scans in Diabetogenic OLETF Rat
    Kozo Matsumoto, T. Ogino, K. Sugiura, T. Miyake, Y. Taniguchi, S. Wei, K. Wei, A. Mizuno, K. Shima, T. Yamada, H. Kose, Y. Sasaki
  19. withdrawn
  20. Relative Roles of p16INK4a and p19ARF as the Mouse Plasmacytoma Susceptibility Gene, Pctr1
    Shuling Zhang, Edward S. Ramsay, Valery Bliskovsky and Beverly A. Mock.
  21. A Set of 50 Interspecific Recombinant Congenic Strains Between Mus spretus and C57BL/6: A Tool for the Identification of QTLs and Analysis of Epistasis
    Xavier Montagutelli, Stéphanie Voegeling, Marek Szatanik, Jean-Louis Guénet
  22. Fine Genetic Mapping of the Bst Locus and its Modifiers
    C. Z. Nash, Q.Tang, D. S. Rice, J. Treadaway, D. Goldowitz, and J. Zuo
  23. Genetic and Physical Mapping of the bronx waltzer Mutation and Investigation of Possible Modifiers
    C. S. Nogueira, M. A. Cheong, A. Kelly, T. Bussoli and K. P. Steel.
  24. Genetic Analysis of Azoxymethane-Induced Colorectal Cancer
    Pearsall, R. S., Cheraund, P., Hicks, D., Amann, V., Coffey, R., Caprioli, R. and Threadgill, D. W.
  25. Novel Alcohol Preference Loci and Advanced Mapping Strategies in C57Bl/6 mice
    Jeremy Peirce and Lee M. Silver
  26. Localization of Rat Chromosome 1 Blood Pressure Quantitative Trait Loci Using Congenic Strains
    Yasser Saad, Michael Garrett, Soon Jin Lee, Howard Dene, and John P. Rapp
  27. Mapping of Seizure-Related (SEZ) Genes and an Approach to Identify the PTZ Susceptibility Loci in Mice
    Shigeharu Wakana, Norikazu Yokete, Fumiki Naramoto, Kagemasa Kajiwara, Tadashi Tsuda, Hiromi OhguchiH, Aiko Sugaya, Chika Maruyama, Tatsuji Nomura, and Eiichi Sugaya
  28. The Use of Speed-Backcrosses for Updating the Harwell Mutant Map: A Novel Application for IVF Allows Rapid Generation of Large Numbers of Mice for Genotype Analysis
    Christine Wells, Peter Glenister, Claire Thornton, Sarah Smythe and Steve Brown
  29. Identification of Epistatic Interactions Involved in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus in the Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty Rat
    Takahisa Yamada, Takeshi Miyake, Yoshiyuki Sasaki, Hiroyuki Kose and Kozo Matsumoto
  30. Genetic Mapping of Unique BALB Cell Killing-Susceptibility by B6 NK Cells
    Manchao Zhang, Ichiro Nakamura, and John E. Coligan
  31. Analyzing Multigenic Traits with Chromosome Substitution Strains
    Joe Nadeau, Jon Singer, Angabin Matin, and Eric Lander


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