International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

Table of Contents * Structure * Bioinformatics * Sequence * Mapping * New Tools * Gene Discovery * Developmental * Mutagenesis * Functional Genomics

F. Gene Discovery


  1. Mutation of the Na-K-Cl Cotransporter Gene Slc12a2 in Shaker-with-Syndactylism Mutants
    Karen P. Steel, James Gazzard, Shazia Chaudhry, Natalie Sampson, Bradley A. Schulte, and Michael J Dixon
  2. Positional Cloning of the Gunmetal Mouse Mutation
    John C. Detter, Stephen Kingsmore
  3. Positional Cloning of the Pallid Gene Reveals a Novel, Syntaxin 13-Interacting Protein Involved in Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency
    Liping Huang, Yien-Ming Kuo, and Jane Gitschier,
  4. Mutation by Generation of a Novel Hybrid Gene in the Neurological Mutant flailer
    Julie M. Jones, Jian-Dong Huang, Valerie Mermall, Bruce Hamilton, Mark S. Mooseker, Andrew Escayg, Neal G. Copeland, Nancy A. Jenkins and Miriam H. Meisler
  5. A. New Resources for Mouse Biology and Genetics
    James F. Battey, Jr., Director, NIDOCD, NIH Co-Chair, Trans-NIH Mouse Genomics and Genetics Resources Coordinating Group
    no abstract available
    B. All Sperm are Created Equal, But Smoks Make Them Behave Different
    Bernhard Herrmann, Department of Developmental Biology, Max-Planck Institue of Immunology, Freiburg, Germany
    no abstract available
  6. Modeling Cancer in the Mouse: Rapid Proviral Tagging of Novel Proto-Oncogenes Responsible for the Development of B-Cell Leukemia
    Monica J. Justice, Gwenn M. Hansen, Darlene Skapura, and Alex George
  7. Genetic and Biochemical Studies of the Mahogany Gene
    Gunn, T.M., He, L., Duke-Cohan, J., and Barsh, G
  8. The LOBO Gene Generates Extraordinary Long Bones in Transgenic Mice and is a Candidate Gene for Albright Hereditary Osteodystrophy
    Andreas Rump, Jochen Hess, Thomas Aigner, Thomas Liehr, Andre Rosenthal, Thomas Wirth


  1. Gene Discovery: Novel Mouse and Human ß-Defensins
    David Adler, James Holloway, Scott Presnell, Paul Sheppard, Nand Banduir, Mark Rixon, Zeren Gao, Betty Haldeman, Dao Mai, Kathleen M. Walker and Stephanie Beigel
  2. Ts65Dn - A Mouse Model for Down Syndrome
    Muriel T. Davisson, Lawrence J. Bechtel, Cecilia Schmidt, Roderick T. Bronson, and Alberto C. S. Costa
  3. Progress Towards the High Resolution Mapping of nackt: A Novel Mouse Mutation Affecting Hair Growth and CD4+ T Cells Development
    Fernando Benavides, Natalia Martin Palenzuela, Jean Jaubert, Jean-Louis Guénet, Claudio J. Conti
  4. Genetic and Physical Mapping of the Mouse Myelencephalic Blebs and Blebbed Mutations
    Liz Bentley and Susan M. Darling
  5. Evaluation of New Candidate Genes Isolated by Positional Cloning Strategies for the Plasmacytoma Susceptibility/Resistance Gene, Pctr2
    Valery Bliskovsky, Edward S. Ramsay, Shuling Zhang, Rebecca Liddell & Beverly A. Mock
  6. crsp - A New Mouse Trasgene Insertional Mutation Causing Cryptorchidism
    C. E. Bishop, P. A. Overbeek, J. B. Houston, R. Sutherland, H. L. Boettger-Tong, A. I. Agulnik
  7. withdrawn
  8. Functional, structural and genetic analyses of waltzer (v) and mdfw
    Elizabeth Bryda, Konrad Noben-Trauth, Hung J. Kim, Ralph H. Holme and Karen P. Steel
  9. Humanizing the Mouse a-synuclein Locus - Development of Mouse Models for Parkinson's Disease
    Cabin, D., S. Gispert, B. Orrison, A. Chen, L. Garrett and R. Nussbaum.
  10. Genetic Mapping of the Bent Tail Mutation and the Identification of a Small X Chromosomal Deletion Associated with the Mutation
    Carrel, T. L., Wilbur Harrison and Frederick Elder, and Herman, G. E
  11. Fine Mapping of the Osteopetrotic Grey-Lethal Locus on Mouse Chromosome 10
    Nader Chalhoub, Hugues Bernard and Jean Vacher
  12. Progress in Characterization of a Recessive Lethal Mutant Near the D17Aus9 Locus
    Hanna Chao, Sarah Mentzer, Rebecca Bergstrom, John Schimenti, and Yun You
  13. Genomic Characterization and Targeted Mutagenesis of Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor Genes (lpA1/lpA2/lpA3)
    James J. A. Contos and Jerold Chun
  14. Genetic Analysis of the Regulatory System Controlling the Induction of Brown Adipocytes in White Fat Tissues
    Ann Allen Coulter, Robert A. Koza, Wolfgang Hofmann and Leslie P. Kozak
  15. Cloning and Characterization of Glas-1, A Novel Gene Associated with Mouse Osteopetrosis
    Mathieu Ferron, Hugues Bernard and Jean Vacher
  16. Fine Mapping and FISH Analysis of a Mouse T(2;13) Translocation Causing Neurological, Coat Color and Developmental Abnormalities
    Mary Guarnieri, Nestor Cacheiro and Lorraine Flaherty
  17. An Integrated Genetic and Physical Map Around the Doublefoot Locus on Mouse Chromosome 1
    Christopher Hayes, Mark Harrison, Gillian Morriss-Kay, Mary Lyon, Steve DM Brown
  18. Altered Expression of Pten is an Essential Event in Mouse Thymic Lymphomagenesis
    Michel Herranz, Javier Santos, Mónica Fernández, Janet Reyes, Concepción Vaquero, and José Fernández-Piqueras.
  19. Characterization of a Phenocopy of Waved Mice
    Bruce Herron, Lisa Pacella, Dorothee Foernzler, Cherie VanDoren, and David Beier
  20. Isolation and Evaluation of Candidate Genes for the High Growth (hg) Mutation in Mice
    Simon Horvat, Jim McWhir, Brad A. Freking, Juan F. Medrano
  21. Mutation in the cbA3/A1-Crystallin Encoding Gene Cryba1 Causes a Dominant Cataract in the Mouse
    J. Graw, J. Löster, A. Reis, E. Wolf, R. Balling, M. Hrabé de Angelis
  22. Functional and Genetic Analyses of the Jerker (je) Mouse Mutant
    Torrance K. Jackson and Konrad Noben-Trauth
  23. Three New Allelic Mouse Mutations that Cause Skeletal Overgrowth Involve the Natriuretic Peptide Receptor C Gene (Npr3)
    Jean Jaubert, Francis Jaubert, Natalia Martin, Linda L. Washburn, Barbara K. Lee, Eva M. Eicher, and Jean-Louis Guenet
  24. Mapping and Manipulation of the Murine Ryanodine Receptor Locus (Ryr1)
    P. Kathirvel, E. Hitchin, R. Ansell, J. McWhir, J. D. Ansell and A. L. Archibald
  25. Alymphoplasia is Caused by a Point Mutation in NF-Kappa B Inducing Kinase (NIK) Gene
    Kazuhiro Kitada, Reiko Shinkura, Fumihiko Matsuda, Kei Tashiro, Kouichi Ikita, Katsumi Kogishi, Misao Suzuki, Sigeki Miyawaki, Tasuku Hpnjo, Tadao Serikawa
  26. Progress in Genetic and Functional Characterization of Two Mouse Deafness Mutants, pirouette and spinner
    David C. Kohrman, Hana Odeh , Kristina Hunker, Ellen Hibbard, Lisa Beyer, Gary Dootz, Nobuko Hagiwara, Murray H. Brilliant, David F. Dolan, and Yehoash Raphael;
  27. Positional Cloning of Two Tumor Suppressor Genes Involved in Gamma-Ray Induced Mouse Thymic Lymphomas
    Kominami R., Okano H., Matsuki A., Wakabayashi Y., Shinbo T., Kosugi S., Takahashi Y., and Niwa O
  28. p53 modifiers near the D16Mit181 locus on chromosome 16 and in the vicinity of D19Mit123 on chromosome 19
    Saito Y., Matsuki A., Wakabayashi Y., Kosugi S., Takahashi Y., and Niwa O, and Kominami R
  29. Localization of a Breakpoint of Chromosomal Inversion Responsible for the Hairy Ears (Eh) Mutation
    Tetsuo Kunieda, Izumi Ojika, Miyuki Nakamura
  30. Positional Cloning of the Flexed-Tail Locus
    Laurie E. Lenox and Robert F. Paulson
  31. The stargazer Gene Product is One Member of a Family of Gamma Subunits of Voltage Dependent Calcium Channels
    Verity A. Letts, Connie L. Mahaffey and Wayne N. Frankel
  32. High-Resolution Mapping and Transcript Identification at the sdy Locus on Mouse Chromosome 13
    Wei Li, Vishnu S. Mishra, Yuke Zhang, Qing Zhang, Edward K. Novak, Nancy A. Jenkins, Neal G. Copeland, Stephen F. Kingsmore, Richard T. Swank
  33. Characterization of the Deaf Mouse Mutant, jackson circler (jc)
    Michelle L. Mack and Konrad Noben-Trauth
  34. A Deletion Found in the Copper-Transporting P-type ATPase Gene in the Pewter Mutation
    Jingfang Niu, Frank A. Verley, Susan L. Dagenais and Thomas W.Glover
  35. Characterisation of a Mouse Model of Neuromuscular Disease Generated by Transgenic Insertional Mutagenesis
    Derek Paisley and Andrew Ward
  36. Towards the Positional Cloning of the Mouse Deafness Mutant Quivering
    N. J. Parkinson, J. McKee-Johnson, V. A. Street, C. Olsen, B. L. Tempel
  37. Characterization of the Friend Virus Susceptibility Gene 2 (Fv2) Locus on Mouse Chromosome 9
    Pam Correll, Ed Melkin, Paul Ney and Robert Paulson
  38. Isolation and Characterization of a Candidate for the Mouse Hybrid Sterilitiy 6 Gene
    Steve Pilder, John Fossella, Sadhana Samant, Lee Silver
  39. Genetic and Physical Mapping of Hague (Hag), A Mouse Hair Mutation with Unusual Transmission
    Christophe Poirier, Atsushi Yoshiki, and Moriaki Kusakabe
  40. Molecular Genetic Analysis of a Transgene-Induced Allele of Oligosyndactylism
    Dimitrina D. Pravtcheva and Thomas L. Wise
  41. Molecular Cloning and Sequencing of the HRC Gene from Mouse Heart Reveals a Highly Unstable GAG Repeat
    Shundi Shi, Steven R. Brunnert
  42. Bradyarrhythmias and Congestive Heart Failure in the Mice Defective in the M1 Muscarinic Receptor/PLC-1 Signaling
    Woo, S-H., Hwang, J-Y., Kim, S-S., Lee, B-H., Namkung, Y., Lee, C-O., Kim, D., and Shin, H-S.
  43. Mapping of the SCNM1 Modifier Locus Responsible for Dystonia in Sodium Channel Deficient Mice and Development of SCN8A Congenic Strains
    Leslie K. Sprunger and Miriam H. Meisler
  44. Identifying Interacting Partners to the Mouse Myosin VIIA Protein Involved in Genetic Deafness
    Penio Todorov, Rachel E. Hardisty, Karen P. Steel and Steve D.M. Brown
  45. Isolation of a Novel Cochlear Transcript from the wi Region of Mouse Chromosome 4
    H. T. Tsai, P. Mburu, R. E. Hardisty, A. Varela, A. J. W. Paige, B. W. Kiernan, J. Fleming, M. Rogers, K. P. Steel and S. D. M. Brown
  46. A Lupus Susceptibility Locus Present in C57BL/10, But Not C57BL/6, Mice
    Rebecca Tucker, Stephen Rozzo, Brian Kotzin
  47. The Identification of a Candidate Gene for the wi Deafness Mutant
    A. Varela, P. Mburu, R. E. Hardisty, H. T. Tsai, A. J. W. Paige, B. W. Kiernan, R. H. Holme, J. Fleming, M. J. C. Rogers, K. P. Steel and S. D. M. Brown
  48. A Deletion Found in the Copper-Transporting P-Type ATPase Gene in the Pewter Mutation
    Jingfang Niu, Frank A. Verley, Susan Dagenais, and Tom Glover
  49. Physical Mapping in the psr Region of Mouse Chromosome 7
    Lisa S. Webb, Madhu S. Dhar, and Dabney K. Johnson
  50. Mapping of Loa, A Mouse Motor Deficit Mutation, to Distal Chromosome 12
    Witherden, A. S., Nicholson, S. J., Hafezparast, M., Bermingham, N. A., Peters, J., Ball, S. T., Rogers, D. C., Martin, J. E. and Fisher, E. M. C
  51. Development of a Mouse Model for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Type II
    Jing Yu, Roger McLendon, En Li, Paul Oh, Travis J., Riney, Rosemary Akhurst, Robert J. Lechleider, Austin Diamond, Helen Arthur, Raju Kucherlapati, Winfried Edelmann, Marie Lia, Doug Marchuk

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