International Mammalian Genome Society

The 13th International Mouse Genome Conference
October 31-November 3, 1999

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G. Developmental Genetics


  1. The Verne Chapman Memorial Lecture: Patterning the Early Mouse Embryo-Cells, Genes and Mutations
    Janet Rossant.
  2. Cerebellar Defects in HBNF-/-; MDK-/- Deficient Mice
    Lorene Amet, James H. Millonig, Christine Gallagher, Susan D. Croll, John M. Levorse, Bindu Prabhakaran, Mary E. Hatten, and Thomas F. Vogt
  3. Male Sexual Development in the Absence of Sry
    Bishop, C. E., Whitworth, D., Agoulnik, A., Harrison, W., Agoulnik I., Behringer, R., and Overbeek, P
  4. An Early Block to Telencephalic Development in Flat-Top Mutant Mice
    Kathryn Hentges and Andrew Peterson
  5. The Identification and Cloning of a Novel Candidate Gene for the Amnionless Mutation
    E. Lacy, S. Kalantry, S. Manning, C. Tomihara-Newberger, Y. Zhang, O. Haub, and K. Manova
  6. Dosage Dependent PITX2 Expression in a Mouse Model of Rieger Syndrome
    D. M. Martin, P. J. Gage, H. Suh, P. Eswara, K. S. O 'Shea, S. A. Camper
  7. Cre-Mediated Deletion of the Bmpr Gene Induces CNS Defects and Limb Malformations
    Kyung Ahn, Yuji Mishina, Judy Grinspan, Richard Behringer, and E. Bryan Crenshaw III


  1. Misregulation of Sry in C57BL/6J-YPOS Sex Reversal
    Kenneth H. Albrecht, Linda L. Washburn and Eva M. Eicher
  2. Developmental Profile of Abnormal Cerebellar Development in Ts65Dn Mice
    Laura L. Baxter and Roger H. Reeves
  3. "Telling Time": Lunatic Fringe and Somite Segmentation
    Susan E. Cole, John M. Levorse and Thomas F. Vogt
  4. Strain-Dependent Craniofacial and Neural Tube Defects in Ski-Deficient Mice
    Clemencia Colmenares, Edward Stavnezer, Stuart Schwartz, and Natalia Lerner
  5. Positional Cloning of the exma Locus, an X-Linked Insertional Mutation Causing Exencephaly and Microphthalmia/Anophthalmia
    David Cunningham, Qiang Xiao, Aurobindo Chatterjee, Kathleen Sulik, Diana Juriloff, Frederick Elder, Wilbur Harrison, Gabriele Schuster, Paul Overbeek, Gail E. Herman
  6. Transcript Mapping in the Lp Critical Region on Mouse Chromosome 1
    Kit Doudney, Jane Eddleston, Claire Braybrook, Aysha Itani, Muly Tham, Jennifer Murdoch, Andrew Copp and Philip Stanier
  7. Characterisation of Transgenic Mice Overexpressing the Wilms' Tumour Protein WT1
    James Dutton and Andrew Ward
  8. The Proximal Albino Deletions Identify Genes Essential for Anterior/Posterior Axis Specification and Development of Several Neuroendocrine Lineages of the Hypothalamus
    Mary E. Wines, Kristen Brown, Jacques L. Michaud, Charles De Rossi, Stephen Wefer, Lance Lee, Tom Rosenquist, Noah R. May, Chen-Ming Fan, and Bernadette C. Holdener
  9. Neuronal Diversity and Differentiation in the Mouse Embryo Requires the Delta like Gene 1
    Kurt Wünsch, Ulrich Heinzmann, Achim Gossler and Martin Hrabé de Angelis
  10. Molecular and Genetic Control of Mouse Primordial Germ Cell Development
    Lily Jiang and Joseph Nadeau
  11. Sex-Specific Effects of ENU-Induced Steel Mutations on Germ Cell Development
    A. Mahakali, L. B. Russell, N. G. Copeland, N. A. Jenkins, and M. A. Bedell
  12. Evidence for a Lack of Sharing of SPAM1 Among Spermatids and Transmission Ratio Distortion
    Ying Zheng, Xiangning Deng, and Patricia A. Martin-DeLeon
  13. Mapping of Modifier Gene for Mouse Preaxial Polydactylous Mutantion, Rim4
    Hiroshi Masuya, Tomoko Sagai, Motohisa Takahashi, Toshihiko Ogura, and Toshihiko Shiroishi
  14. Expression of Jagged1 During Mammalian Development and Its Relationship to Human Disease
    K. M. Loomes, N..B. Spinner, D. A. Piccoli, H. S. Baldwin and R. J. Oakey
  15. The Megencephaly Mouse has Disturbances in the Cholecystokinin (CCK), Enkephalin ENK), Galanin (GAL) and Neuropeptide Y (NPY) Systems
    Susanna Petersson, Catharina Lavebratt, Martin Schalling and Tomas Hökfelt
  16. Genetic Analysis of Sperm Aneuploidy and Sperm-Head Morphology in Mice
    April Pyle and Mary Ann Handel
  17. ICM-Specific Expression of PECAM-1 in the Mouse Blastocyst
    Paul Robson, Paula Stein, Richard Schultz, H. Scott Baldwin
  18. Vertebrate T-Box Genes: A Phylogenetic Framework for the Study of Important Developmental Regulators
    Ilya Ruvinsky, Jeremy J. Gibson-Brown, and Lee M. Silver
  19. Multiple Regulatory Regions Control Postnatal Alpha-fetoprotein Repression in the Liver
    David K. Peyton, Tennore Ramesh, Mei-Chuan Huang, and Brett T. Spear
  20. Regulated Expression of Patched (Ptc1 and Ptc2) and Sonic Hedgehog Signalling During Somite Formation in Mouse Embryos
    Evi Wollscheid, Anne-Gaelle Borycki, Adonia Hsu, Charles P. Emerson.
  21. NFATC1 Activates and Suppresses Multiple Genes During Cardiac Development
    Bin Zhou, Bingruo Wu, Justin Morabito, Craig Mickanin and H. Scott Baldwin
  22. Visualization of Alpha 9 AChR Expression in Hair Cells of Transgenic Mice Containing Modified BAC
    Jian Zuo, Jason Treadaway, Bernd Fritzsch

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