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Mammalian Genome Journal devoted to studies of mammalian genomics and genetics, serving as a vehicle for the dissemination of work in the emerging field of functional genomics.

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The International Mammalian Genome Society exists primarily to foster and stimulate research in mammalian genetics from sequencing and functional genomics to mutagenesis and mutant analysis, and to represent the concerns of its members in their professional activities. The activities of the society have expanded with the growing realization of the important and unique role of rodent species in current biomedical and genetic research.

The extensive mouse genetic resources and the identification of evolutionary conserved linkage relationships between mice and humans offer significant opportunities for understanding gene function in relation to human development and disease. The role of the mouse in current biomedical and genetic research will increase further as the benefits of comparative sequence analysis of the human and mouse genomes and large scale mutagenesis programs are obtained. The roles of other mammalian organisms will expand as their genomes are sequenced.

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