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25% discount on Springer books! Details sent with receipt. IMGS members get discounted subscription to Genomics; contact Noelle Gracy at

Membership rates decreased for 2009.

Application for Annual Membership

Membership in the IMGS comes with a subscription to the journal Mammalian Genome, Incorporating Mouse Genome. Membership is by calendar year. If you join in mid-year, any issues of Mammalian Genome already published will be sent to you as a unit.

Checks should be made out to IMGS, Inc.

Forms can be submitted electronically below
or by mail to

Darla Miller
Department of Genetics
5047 Genetic Medicine Bldg, CB #7264
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Please direct additional questions to Darla Miller

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Regular Member (with paper copy of journal) $89 US per calendar year
Regular Member (with electronic only journal) $55 US per calendar year
Student/Post-doc member (with journal) $49 US per calendar year
Student/Post-doc member (without journal) $30 US per calendar year
Mammalian Genome editorial board member $75 per calendar year

If you would like to join for multiple years at a time (up to 5 years), please indicate total number of years and you will be charged accordingly.

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Also, as additional security we need the billing address for the credit card.

These measures were put into place to combat credit card fraud, without this information we can not process your membership.

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