International Mammalian Genome Society

IMGS Recommendations on Licensing and Patenting.

November, 1998

The IMGS supports the following guidelines for the use of mammals in research:

  1. It is important that experimental mammals are made available in a manner that maximally promotes medical research and its applications.

  2. For basic research at academic/non-profit laboratories, animals should be made available without reach-through rights, breeding constraints or other restrictions on research use. It is understood that animals are not necessarily free, and that further distribution may require approval of the donor.

  3. For basic research at for-profit laboratories the same conditions should apply. When the use of transferred animals has commercial applications this may require more extended negotiations between donor and recipient.

  4. These criteria should apply when animals are created and/or developed by either academic/non-profit or commercial organizations.

  5. To facilitate exchange of animals we recommend the use of the attached Materials Transfer Agreements for academic/non-profits and for profits respectively.

  6. The IMGS should urge institutions, commercial entities, governmental and other public agencies to adopt supporting policies and guidelines for action.

These recommendations were approved at the 12th IMGS meeting in Garmisch, November, 1998 after presentation by the Task Force on Licensing and Patenting (members: Roger H. Reeves, Linda D. Siracusa, Stephen Brown, Stephen Harris, Philip Avner, Martin Hrabe de Angelis, Yoshihide Hayashizkai, Rick Woychik, Jiri Forejt, and Kenneth Paigen, Chair.)

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