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There are three airports near the city of Salamanca (see the map). The most important is Madrid Barajas (200 kilometers from Salamanca)


Salamanca is 200 Km west of Madrid and there is regular bus and train service available.

Shuttle information for those WHO HAVE PREBOOKED:

Since the Shuttle will go to multiple terminals to pick you up, please go to the desk indicated below in the terminal where you arrive.  THERE WILL NOT BE A PERSON HOLDING A SIGN WAITING FOR YOU.

Shuttle times

Saturday, September 14 10 AM and 1:30 PM

Sunday, September 15 10:30 AM and 2PM

AIRPORT: STANDS AeroCITY Schedule: MONDAY TO SUNDAY (Open from 8 a.m. to 00 p.m.).

Terminal 1: In front of the arrivals hall, gate number 2.
Terminal 2: Between the arrival gates, 5 and 6.
Terminal 4: 50 meters to the right of the arrival gates, 10 and 11.

 (0034) 917-477-570  

Nathalie's direct extension : 223  (And if you see her, give her special THANKS!
Traffic extension: 210// 216

You will not be paying the driver, but will pay at the IMGC registration desk in Salamanca, if you have not prepaid.

Other information:

Map of bus service

You can use a bus service running between Madrid Airport and Salamanca. You can book online in advance a ticket for this bus, and learn where exactly it departs from, through the web site: http://www.avanzabus.com

If you cannot take this bus, the suggested choice would be flying to Madrid airport, take a taxi to the Bus Station (called “Estacion Sur”; the run takes about 20-30 minutes and costs about 30 euro) and buy a ticket to the next “Express” bus service to Salamanca. The bus company that covers this route is called “Auto Res”, and you could buy  the bus ticket in advance online at http://www.avanzabus.com. The Salamanca bus station is the only (last) stop of this bus. Salamanca bus station is very close to the city center, so you do not need to take a taxi; just walk if you have printed the google map of how to get to your Hotel. However, a taxi would be OK and should not be expensive.

If you do not want to take a taxi to go from Madrid airport to the Madrid Bus Station, you can get the Underground, which is 2 euro, but takes longer (about 1 hour to the Bus Station). Just follow up the “Metro” signals at the airport, buy a ticket and take the underground. The stop of the Bus Station is “Mendez Alvaro” (line 6), so you need to change once. If you are coming by train, get down at Chamartin train station.

There are every-hour express (direct) buses covering the Madrid-Salamanca route most of the day (from early morning to late evening). There are also trains between Madrid and Salamanca, but they are not high-speed and take almost 3 hours; in addition there are very few trains per day. However, the train is still an option for those who prefer this system. You can buy the train tickets in advance online at http://www.renfe.com (the Madrid station is Chamartin).

From another published site:  How to get to Salamanca


At the airport take a taxi to Chamartin Train Station (be careful because there are two train stations in Madrid and the only one that has trains to Salamanca is the Chamartin station). The taxi ride will take a half an hour and should be between 25€ and 30 € (depending on your luggage).

Then take the train to Salamanca. There are 6 departures from Madrid/Chamartin to Salamanca daily and the train ride will take two and a half hours. The train departure times are as follows: 

Madrid - Salamanca

Salamanca - Madrid

08.45 hours
11:00 hours
13:45 hours
15:45 hours
19:45 hours
21:30 hours

6:00 hours
7:45 hours
12:45 hours
15:50 hours
18:10 hours
19:53 hours


Orientative prices: One Way ticket: 14.15 Euros Return ticket: 25.50 Euros

Alternatively, you could take the metro from the airport to Chamartin train station. It costs 1 Euro and takes about 30 minutes. You will have to change lines at 'Nuevos Ministerios'.


After you arrive at the Barajas Airport, take a taxi from the airport to 'Sur - Mendez Alvaro Bus Station' or the "Auto-res Bus Station." The taxi ride will last approximately a half an hour and should be between 25 and 30 € depending on how much luggage you have.

At the bus station, take an express bus to Salamanca, you have one every hour: From 07.00 to 22.00 hours (Monday to Satudary) From 08.00 to 23.00 hours (Sunday)

Orientative prices: One Way ticket 16 € Return ticket 26

Alternatively, you could take the metro from the airport to the metro stop 'Plaza Sur - Mendez Alvaro'. The metro costs 1 Euro and it will take you about 40 minutes. You will have to change lines at the metro stop 'Nuevos Ministerios'.


If you prefer to come to Salamanca by car from Madrid, you need to get the AP6 motorway; leave AP6 at exit 81 and take AP51 to Salamanca.



Although Salamanca has a small airport, at present it is only connected with Barcelona airport with 1 flight/day on Iberia Airlines (arriving at Salamanca late evening; departing from Salamanca early morning).

Besides Salamanca, the two closest airports to this city are Valladolid and Madrid. Valladolid airport is the closest one (115 km from Salamanca), but it does not have easy direct ground connection with Salamanca. So, unless you have someone to pick you up, or takes you there, flying to Valladolid is not a good choice. Valladolid airport is flight-connected with Barcelona and Valencia (Iberia) and with London-Stansted (Ryanair). However, the Barcelona-Valladolid flights are quite expensive, and Valladolid-London (Stansted), while cheap, are not very convenient times.

The Venue of the Symposium is the Hospedería del Colegio Fonseca (Calle Fonseca, 2, 37002 Salamanca).


You can fly directly to Salamanca Airport, but it is a very small airport with very limited flights.


Salamanca is 115 Km southeast of Valladolid and there is a bus service from the airport to the city centre. Regular bus and train service is available from Valladolid (city centre) to Salamanca.

Valladolid - Salamanca (Bus):

Valladolid´s airport, Villanubla, is situated 11 km outside of Valladolid. The most convenient way to get to either the bus or train station is by taxi. However, it is also possible (although not very frequent) to catch a bus from the airport to the city centre.

  • Taxi: A run from the airport to the bus station costs around 15 Euros.
  • Bus: It is also possible to reach the Auto-Res bus station by a bus service running from the airport (Linecar). Bus services run on Monday to Friday, leaving the airport at 11:20, 15:15 and 19:20, Saturdays leaving at 11:20 and 17:45 and on Sundays and public holidays leaving the airport at 19:50. The cost is approximately 1 euro. Once at the "Auto-res" station in Valladolid, buses run frequently to Salamanca. The cost is approximately 6.75 Euros for a single ticket and 12.15 Euros for a return ticket. More information about timetables and prices can be found at their website: www.auto-res.com

Valladolid - Salamanca (Train):

The most direct way to get to the train station is by taxi, which should cost around 15 Euros. The trip to the city centre takes about 15 minutes.
Up-to-date information about timetables and prices can be found on the RENFE web page www.renfe.es.

These may also be useful:

Additional maps to reach the Hospedería Fonseca can be found at:


Colegio Fonseca: There are a total of 23 double rooms (two beds, 80 Euro/night) and 13 single rooms (60 Euro/night) at the Colegio Fonseca (the conference site).  Some of these rooms will be for student scholarship recipients, but others will be available for IMGC delegates.  Rooms for the scholarship recipients will be reserved for them, but roommates can be specified to Darla Miller (other recipients or non-recipients).  Others who wish to book rooms at the Colegio Fonseca can do so by contacting Agustín Sánchez at: ascha@usal.es or fonseca@usal.es, including clearly in the message that you are attending the IMGC Congress.

Calle Fonseca 4
Salamanca, Spain
Tlf. +34 923 29 45 70

Abba Fonseca: AS OF JULY 29, THIS HOTEL IS COMPLETELY BOOKED.  YOU CAN TRY TO CONTACT THEM IN CASE OF CANCELLATIONS. There are 86 rooms in this hotel which is adjacent to the Colegio Fonseca (meeting site).  66 of these rooms should be available for IMGC delegates at a cost of 88 Euro for double and 80 Euro for a single, including breakfast.  You should CALL or email the hotel to book a room at these rates telling them you are with the IMGC.  (Note that if you try to book online, it may appear that no rooms are available).  The secretariat meeting will be held in this hotel on Saturday, September 14. 

Pza. San Blas, 2
37007 Salamanca, Spain
GPS: N 40º 57' 52'' W 5º 40' 11''
Tlf. +34 923 01 10 10
Fax.+34 923 01 10 11

There are many other hotels in the city with wide-ranging prices.  We suggest that you google hotels in Salamanca, Spain to view them.